One Hundred Blessings

One Hundred Blessings


When I turned 16….

….I got my first job at the local fast-food hangout in our town.

I was so excited.


I had a job….a real job….with a paycheck and everything.

I can remember planning out what I was going to wear the first day and telling all my friends so they could stop by and visit so we could all hang out while I served them drinks and they could just sit at the counter and watch me work.  After all….the people at the fast-food hangout told me what I would be doing….and the job didn’t seem like it was going to be too hard….

….and that would leave all that extra time for laughing and conversation.Continue reading

Five Amazing Makeovers

Five Amazing Makeovers


What is it about makeovers that is so wonderful?


Show me a picture of a dark, dingy, extra-pitiful “before”….preferably with stacks of laundry and a random hallway mirror….

….and tell me to “click here” to see the after.

And I’ll click.

Every.  Single.  Time.

I can’t help it.

With makeovers….hope always springs eternal.

The shiny, polished, beautiful after always gives me inspiration and hope….and the unerring belief that a little paint….a little tweaking….and a fresh perspective…..

….makes everything better.

And how lucky am I?

Because you are here….and because you are reading and because truly….no one else gets a blog that starts talking makeovers and ends up waxing philosophically….

….except you and me. :)

And at this moment….for some reason…..the entire “Free to Be…..You and Me” album is racing through my head.

I know.  Truly.  I know it’s random….but seriously….in the words of Marlo Thomas….

“Singin’….glad to have a friend like you

Fair and fun and skippin’ free

Glad to have a friend like you….

And glad to just be ….glad to just be….glad to just be…”

Now….without further singing or philosophizing….

….here are our make-over winners from the makeover party:Continue reading

Industrial Farmhouse Decorating

Industrial Farmhouse Decorating


A long time ago in a land far away….

….remember when I decorated a room for La-z-boy?

I called it industrial farmhouse decorating….which is a cross between the vintage style of a turn-of-the-century farmhouse and the simple industrial lines of an old warehouse.

And besides….it sounds fancy and extra official…..

….as if I thought the whole concept out in advance.

Exactly. :)

The whole experience was fun and exhilarating and wonderful and challenging…..

…and the room looked a little something like this.Continue reading




Can I start off this random Saturday post with an apology?

An apology from the absolute bottom of my heart.

The e-mail subscription for this blog is going a little wonky. :)

Some people aren’t getting their e-mails and some people are getting too many…..

….and I’m truly sorry. 

I think it’s fixed.

Fingers crossed.

And now….grab a cup of coffee or tea or leftover Mountain Dew from the concession stand….

….and let’s be random together. :) Continue reading

Painted Table Runner

Painted Table Runner


Dear wonderful, incredible, patient and long-suffering people I work the concession stand with……

….I’m really sorry I was late.


(hangs head shamefully).

I intended to be on time.

I wanted to be on time.

In my heart…..I was already there…..

…..on time….stocking the cooler with Mountain Dew.

But you see…..

….there was this painted table runner.Continue reading

Staycation Giveaway

Staycation Giveaway

Is it wrong that this makes me want to sing?

I can’t help it.

What is running through my head right now is:

“Staycation…..all I ever wanted.

Staycation….had to get away.”

Thanks Go-Go’s. :)

And now….we interrupt this week of blogging for a fun giveaway.Continue reading

Bookcase Dresser

Bookcase Dresser


Okay….so I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first….

…..the dresser didn’t win.

It tried.


It really did.

It painted itself the most beautiful shade of coral and added amazing knobs and a bookcase on the side and transformed itself with washers from the home improvement store….

…..and it will always, always, always be a winner to me. :)

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Get the Look:  Easy Ideas for Wall Art

Get the Look: Easy Ideas for Wall Art

Raise your hand if you have a blank wall in your room.

Oh good…..I’m not the only one.

Extra credit if you have a few. :)

I’m always trying to fill up a wall with something besides pictures.

I’m not sure why…..I mean….I love pictures.

But I have an entire wall of them….and I wanted to branch out with an extra dose of wall amazingness.

So I last year I challenged myself to create personalized artwork for my spaces….

….and here’s a few easy ideas for wall art that I came up with.Continue reading