DIY Giant Chalkboard Calendar

DIY Giant Chalkboard Calendar


This post is written in collaboration with Homeright.

Good morning rock star.

Happy almost Thanksgiving.

I know this is the time of year to be defrosting turkeys and baking pies with homemade crusts and soaking beans and adding marshmallows to sweet potatoes.

And that’s kind of what we are doing here.

Kind of.

But we stopped along the Thanksgiving road to pause and take some old, tired, worn out windows and make this.

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Unpacking the Christmas Boundaries

Unpacking the Christmas Boundaries


Every year I have big plans for the holidays.


Really big.

Like planning to host a cookie party and decorating the front yard with a six foot nativity set that I saw someone build on Pinterest and making my own hot cocoa mix and greeting the kids getting off the bus with a cocoa bar on the back porch and designing my own Christmas cards and mailing out 267 out to some of my closest friends and hanging lighted snowflakes that play carols on the trees.

I usually start off strong.

Really strong.

I send out invitations for four parties and download the plans for the nativity set and try and plan out what we are all going to wear for the Christmas card and then somewhere between the ribbons and the caroling and the decorating….

 …..I lose a little steam.

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In the middle of middle-school homework, an intense on ancient philosophers ensued.

Who was the greatest?

Who was the wisest?

Who knew the most and said it in the most precise way?

Heavy stuff when you’re in seventh grade and you spent the last thirty minutes telling me plaid and hair bumps were in this fall.

“My favorite is the one who reminds me of when I was little,” one of the twins announced mid-conversation.

“When you were little?” I said.  “Which one? Socrates?  Aristotle?” 

“Nope,” she said.  “I like the one called Playdough.”

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DIY Faux Galvanized Tray (For under $5.00)

DIY Faux Galvanized Tray (For under $5.00)


My friend Laura wrote a book.

It’s called DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts.

There are 187 pages full of ideas and projects and metal creations and to say it is inspiring and exhilarating and creative is like saying the sky is blue.

All day long and twice on Sundays.

This, however, is not a project from her book.

It’s a project I made up from the book I may or may not write one day called, “How to Buy Things for Under $5.00 and Make Them Look Like They Belong On Fifth Avenue in New York City.”

I think it just might be a best seller.

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Before and After Bedroom Transformation and 2016 SW Color of the Year

Before and After Bedroom Transformation and 2016 SW Color of the Year


Don’t you love a post with a room that starts like this?

You know that it can only get better from here.

I’m so excited to be partnering with Sherwin-Williams today to showcase the 2016 color of the year in a room I designed for my daughter.

I think it’s one of my favorite transformations ever.

But before we get to the after and the new room and the color of the year and the ceiling to floor transformation….

….let’s take a look at where it all began.

This is what the room looked like when we bought the house complete with blue shag carpeting.

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The Best Christmas Ornament Ever (And a Giveaway)

The Best Christmas Ornament Ever (And a Giveaway)


This post was brought to you by Kirkland’s Christmasland.

Remember the story of the Christmas shower that really wasn’t?

Even typing it made me cry.

It was all about how a couple of my mother’s friends got together and hosted a couples wedding shower for us.

We were getting married right after Christmas so someone had the super clever idea to make it a Christmas ornament shower.

Brilliant, right?

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How to Make a DIY Table Runner With Extra Giggles

How to Make a DIY Table Runner With Extra Giggles


I was compensated by Duck Brand Products for this post.  All opinions and statements are completely my own.

Middle school can be a cold and lonely place.

Everything is changing.

Friends are growing up and moving on and the lunch room is full of pitfalls you have to navigate while holding a tray full of wheat crust pizza and the homework stacks up faster than you can finish it and you may or may not have discovered that boys are cute.

And the emotions.

Oh…..the emotions.

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DIY Thanksgiving Doormat

DIY Thanksgiving Doormat

Two posts on Saturday.

I know….right?


I’m thinking I’m partnering with Porch and some other amazing bloggers to celebrate Thanksgiving with some last minute project ideas.

DIY Thanksgiving Doormat

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