Recipe Towel

Recipe Towel


On a scale of 1 – 10…..I would give this project a 4.25.

And it only gets the extra .25 if I almost close my eyes……

…..and squint.



I had such high hopes for this project.

High hopes for my hand-written recipe towel.


Doesn’t that sound like such an incredible idea?

And so easy?




I pictured stacks of these in my kitchen.

And when a visitor asked for a towel, I would casually reach over to my stack of well-written towels and hand them one.  And they would be all…“Hand-written recipe towels?  I love a hand-written recipe towel.  What are you going to think up next?”

And I would smile.

And look at my stack of hand-written recipe towels with an air of self-satisfaction.


Hand-written Recipe Towel


So I made them.

And I stacked them.

And looked at them …..and thought to myself….

…….some projects are better left on the pages of Pinterest.

For better hand-written recipe towel makers to make.


So in the vested interest of handing over the hand-written recipe towel directions to someone with much better handwriting… is my project.

Do as I say…..

…..not as I did.


A Hand-written Recipe Towel



Step 1:  Buy a stack of flour sack towels.

I bought mine at Wal-mart.

They came in a package of five for about $3.50.



Step 2:  Print off your favorite recipe on the computer.

Pick a much better font then the one I used.

Enlarge the lettering to 100.

Make sure to pick a recipe that looks cute.



Step 3: Place the towel over the lettering and trace with a sharpie or other non-water soluble marker.

Tape the towel down so it doesn’t move.



Step 4:  Take your hand-written recipe towel and style it and take a picture.

Try to make it look cuter by adding fruit.

Everything always looks better with fruit.


Step 5:  Stand back and sigh.

Wonder why your handwriting looks like you’re in first grade.

Decide to post the project in the hopes that someone much more creative than you with much better handwriting….will use the idea and make a much better hand-written recipe towel……

… you can pin it :)


PS  Bloggers are wonderful.  My friend, Suzanne, just sent me this fun idea!  Use the towels as an activity for a bridal shower.  Give each attendee a towel and a recipe to copy.  Seriously….what  a great idea!

PPS  Sharing this over at Between Naps On a Porch.




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