A Little Bling

A Little Bling


I am so happy.

And so tired.

The good kind of tired.

The kind of tired that happens when you have driven across the country to speak at a conference wearing these earrings…..

…..and you gave it everything you had.


You see…..speaking at a conference has been a dream. Something I have wanted and hoped for years and years and years.

A dream that I have had for so long.

And when it finally came true…..I was a little overwhelmed.


Dreams are funny like that.


We wish and we hope and we plan and we imagine it. And then when whatever “it” is…..actually happens…..we want to run.

That is exactly what I wanted to do.


Really. Can you believe it? Me?

I wanted to run because what if I spoke and I was terrible? What if I finished and they smiled that little kind of encouraging smile at me that said “How nice.” What if no one asked questions? What if they fell asleep? What if they rolled their eyes? What if they just didn’t care?


What if all the what ifs came true?



And right in the middle of all that “whatiffing” ……I discovered these.

I bought them the day before I left.

I went into the store and told the sales clerk that I wanted the biggest shiniest glitteriest earrings they had.

Statement earrings.

Earrings that swung against the side of my chin.

And with every swing they would remind me, “Confidence….confidence….confidence.”


Confidence with a little bling.


And so I went to the conference.

And I spoke.

And my hands waved.

And the earrings swung.


And this weekend…..I dreamed my dream.



What about you?

What’s your dream?


Whatever it is….you can do it.


Just lift your chin…..smile from ear to ear…..and tell those what-ifs…..

…..your earrings are doing all the talking :)


PS Have blessed and wonderful day rock stars :)

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