A Moment of Brilliance

A Moment of Brilliance

 I’m sharing my map at Rhoda’s today

School has started.

Notebooks and rulers and protractors and calculators and polka-dotted backpacks and pencils with erasers that sing a song have all been purchased for the four future college graduates that live within these farmhouse walls.

Summer is over and life is once again in full swing.

Days are filled to the brim with cheerleading practices and track practice and girl scouts and youth group and environmental science club…..and homework.

And middle school baseball.




I love baseball.

I love the crack of the bat and the whoosh of the ball as it sails through the air and sound of cleats hitting the dirt and the smell of fresh popcorn and the cheers of the crowd.

And there is nothing better than sitting in the stands at a middle school baseball game and watching your middle school baseball player play ball.


The only challenge with baseball is…..between all the batting and the throwing and hitting and base running…..

……sometimes there’s a lot of hurry up and wait.


Chairs with books in back


Waiting for the pitcher to get ready.

Waiting for the batter to step up to the plate.

Waiting for the runner to steal a base.

Waiting for the umpire to call strike or ball or foul.

There is a lot of waiting in baseball.


And then….just when you get tired of all the waiting.

When you shrug your tired waiting shoulders and you start to head to the concession stand….

……there will be a moment of absolute brilliance.


Kentucky Map


One of those moments happened the other day.

Bases were loaded and the opposing team hit a fly ball to the outfield.

As the ball sailed through the air into left field…..you could almost hear the crowd holding its collective breath.

It hung in the air for a moment…..suspended in time….looking like it was going to fall just out of reach of the outfielders.

And at that moment the left-fielder leapt into the air, stretched out his glove with all his might and with an almost herculean effort and an arm that looked like it grew another five inches….

….. caught the ball.



And the silence was broken as the crowd roared and screamed and cheered for the left fielder who caught the ball and saved the inning.

In unison they yelled his name as he stood in center field grinning from ear-to-ear with the ball still in his glove.

Everyone that is…..

…..except his mother.

She wasn’t watching.

She had decided to take a break from all the waiting.

She was on her phone…..checking her e-mail.



Good thing that wasn’t me.

I wouldn’t want to turn in my “mom of the year” award.

I wouldn’t have wanted to spend hours watching the catcher and the pitcher and the umpire and the left fielder…..waiting for that brief moment of brilliance…..only to miss it in a single second when I glanced down at my phone.

Good thing this story is about another mother who missed the catch of the century.


We have another game on Saturday.

And I’ll be there watching and waiting in case the left fielder gets another opportunity……

……but my cell phone is definitely benched for the rest of baseball season :)

PS  A little belated announcement! 

The winner of the ticket giveaway to the Southern Bloggers Conference is Angie from Postcards From the Ridge!

Congratulations, Angie!  I can’t wait to meet you!

Tickets are still available to the conference and we would all love to have you join us October 12-13 in Raleigh!

For more information….or to purchase a ticket to the Southern Bloggers Conference check out their website.





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