Bookcase Molding

Bookcase Molding


This is not Extreme Make-over:  The Bookcase Edition.

No plastic surgery.

No facial reconstruction.

No dental implants.

Nothing drastic.

It’s just a mini-makeover.  Kind of like when Kathy Lee and Hoda nab an unsuspecting woman off the street and take her into the studio.  And they change her hair color and give her a new hair cut and style and put some eye shadow on her and dress her in some Spanx and a really cute outfit from JC Penny’s.  And then she comes out from behind the curtain and her family is all like “You look incredible.”  And then she breaks into hysterical sobs because she realizes that she has finally left the 1970′s behind and stepped into 2012.

Not that the 1970′s isn’t all that and a bag of chips.

It’s just sometimes we all could use a mini-facelift.

Or a good pair of Spanxs.

Whichever comes first.


blue and white guest bedroom


So here are the bookcases in their pre-makeover state.

Before Kathy Lee and Hoda plucked them off the street.

They were up in the guest bedroom…simply minding their own business.  Until it was decided that we needed built-in closets on this wall and these bookcases really needed to find another home.  So they made the arduous trip downstairs to the library.

Where things are a lot fancier.

Much more uptown.

Much more the royal blue eye shadow and JC Penny spiffy dress crowd.


Crown Molding Bookcase


So to fancy up the bookcases for the library…

…we took 4 1/2″ crown molding and added it to the top edge with a nail gun.

And mitered the corners.




Okay….well….maybe just a little fancier.

But not fancy enough for prime time.


Bookcase Trim


So we added a 1 x 8 pine board, inset 2″ from the front of the bookcase.

There is a 1 x 2 in the back, on the other side, behind the 1 x 8 to stabilize it.

And then we added another piece of shoe molding to the top to hide the gap between the 1 x 8 and the bookcase.

Because nothing says fancy like a piece of shoe molding.


Crown Molding Bookcase Project


Then caulked in the edges.

And painted the pine and the molding white to match the bookcases.

And that’s our mini-bookcase makeover.

Nothing extreme.  Just a little mascara and highlights.


And when it’s time for the reveal,

and the curtain is lifted…

….the bookcase simply glides through it as Kathy Lee and Hoda gleefully raise their glasses high.


Let the toasting begin :)

Welcome to 2012, you beautiful bookcase, you.


PS  I want to clarify that when I refer to “we” in this post….my only part of this “we” was just there for purely aesthetic direction.  The actual sawing and nailing and painting was all done by the cutest carpenter on the planet!

PPS  I got a wide-angle lens for Mother’s Day.

Watch out world.

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