An Amazing Hair Day

An Amazing Hair Day


The other day I put a bobby pin in my hair.

Right at the top….holding back my bangs.

I’m not really sure why I put it there….I’m not really the bobby pin type.  I’m more of a hot roller girl….one who never met a can of aqua net hairspray that wasn’t welcomed with open arms.

But I just saw Jennifer Aniston in a magazine with a bobby pin.

And she looked amazing.

Her bobby pin said “I’m cool and hip and fun and ready to fly to the south of France at a moment’s notice.”

All things I aspire to daily.

Hand Cream


The bobby pin adventure started strong.

I was having an amazing hair day.

Just me and my bobby pin out on the town.

At the bank drive through…..I casually swung my hair when I made a deposit….waiting for someone to ask me if I was leaving for the south of France.

At Kroger….in the check out line…..I tucked my hair behind my ear to emphasize the clever placement of my new hair accessory.

I know the checker at Dollar Tree was thinking to herself how hip and cool my hair looked when I asked her if they had any Valentine’s decorations marked down to .50.




I spent the day so full of joy and happiness.   Everywhere I went….people were smiling.

Smiling at me.

Is this what I had been missing?

Is this all it took to be hip and cool…..and one step away from starring in a Hallmark movie?

A bobby pin and a hair flip.

Who knew the key to success in life was found in the hair care aisle?




Actually… bobby pin didn’t make it through the day.

Somewhere around aisle 14 in Wal-mart… fell on the floor and my awe-inspiring hair day ended as quickly as it started.

But in the end….it didn’t really matter.

That bobby pin gave me confidence…..but all I really needed to be truly extraordinary……was to be the very best me I ever could be.

Someone special.

Someone incredible.

Someone like Jennifer Aniston.  Well….like a Jennifer Aniston who shops at Kroger and goes to the bank and buys discount Valentines and will probably never see the south of France…..

…..but just as amazing.  :)


PS  I really have been feeling amazing after using these incredible products my wonderful friend and sponsor Alicia from Eco Natural Soap sent me.

I adore the spearmint lavender soap and the organic lip balm.

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PPS  May your day be incredibly amazing….with or without a bobby pin. :)

This post is sponsored by Eco Natural Soap, but my opinions on bobby pins and looking amazing are completely and soley my own.  

Visit my disclosure policy for more information.

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