And Then There Were Six

And Then There Were Six


Remember the 5000 grass seed planting project?

Remember the inspiration?

Remember the vision?

Of rows and rows of pavers with lush patches of green grass squishing between the toes as far as the eye could see.  Pavers and grass and adirondack chairs….ready for a sunny day with a high of 75.

Remember the sweet tea?

And the croquet set?


We researched and planned and lugged load after load of pavers and planted and watered and talked to the grass seeds and told them how absolutely wonderful and beautiful and grassy they would become.

How much potential they had.

If they played their cards right, they could really make it big in the grass world one day.

Maybe even become BMOT  (Big Man on Turf).



The only problem is.

Only six of them listened.

Only six bothered to show up.

The other 4, 994 are still watching MTV and texting with their headphones on……waiting for Snooki and the next episode of the Jersey Shore.



And so… it’s finally arrived.

The big reveal day to get ready for the Great Outdoors Linky Party on Tuesday.

The day to show off our incredibly inspirational outdoor projects.

Projects so incredible that I was hoping you were going to pin them and facebook and twitter and discuss them endlessly at the water cooler.



And I got nothing.

Nothing to inspire.

No lush grass.

No croquet.  No sweet tea.

Well….actually….I do have these slightly inspirational adirondack chairs.  Oddly perched atop dirt mixed with fertilizer mixed with recalcitrant grass seed (please tell me you adore that overly pretentious word as much as I do).




And I do have the rows and rows and rows of pavers.

And this intriguing sketch of the next step in the vision.

Where the dream lives on.


A mini-greenhouse…..

…..perfect for growing even the most reluctant of grass seed.

PS  Can you help a blogger out with any suggestions on what will grow in direct sunlight in this space?  The concrete pavers and I….thank you.

Outdoor Karah's 12May pallet bed thumbnail (2)  Outdoor Kelly's Dresser Planter  (2)screen_porch_birch_tree_art

PPS  If you want to see some much more incredible outdoor projects….check out these from my co-hosts.  And Andrea from The Cottage Market will be joining us on Tuesday as well.   :)

PPPS  Now we want to see what you’ve been working on outside.  Link up your projects at our Great Outdoors Linky Party this Tuesday, May 29. :)  See you there.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Susan, for letting me guest post on her blog, Crochet Addicts.


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