Through the Years and The Evolution of a Porch

Through the Years and The Evolution of a Porch


the porch before

I’m pausing just a moment on this busy Monday morning with an ode to my porch:

Through the years

You’ve never let me down

You’ve turned my life around

The sweetest days I’ve found, I’ve found with you

Through the years

No one sings it like Kenny.

And this is the beginning of the porch’s journey.  The before before.  Before the black and white and Christmas trees and magnolias and neutrals.

This is where it all started.

This is where it began.

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Painted Fox Chandelier

If you are part of the super secret e-mail crew….

…you already know what I’m about to type.

My new Painted Fox Shop is LIVE.

But while that’s amazing  and wonderful and fun and so many of you lit up the internet and shopped until you dropped and now we get to re-stock everything….

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DIY Monogram Pillow

DIY Monogram Pillow

Back Porch Bench

I remember the first monogram I ever made.

It involved paint pens and a bow and a whole lot of confidence.

I’m not sure how it started.  I think I saw a bow on Madonna when she was dancing around with her lucky star and I realized that I had a similar hair accessory.

Light bulb moment.

I ran to my room and took out my sticker covered plastic paint pen box and promptly added a letter to the bow.

It didn’t really bear the slightest resemblance to anything lucky.  The bow was grosgrain ribbon and so the edges of the paint pen letter were kind of fuzzy and my K looked like it needed a shave. And that when I had light bulb moment number two.  Cover up all that fuzz with a monogram.

And some flowers.

And a swirl or two for good measure.

The rest simply defies description.

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Five Life Lessons I Learned from Cinderella

Five Life Lessons I Learned from Cinderella

fall kitchen thistlewood

This past week one of the twins was watching the movie Cinderella.

For the 5,216 time.

Not the cartoon version, but the new version that came out several months ago with the blue dress and Cate Blanchett and the girl from Downton Abbey and the prince with the twinkling eyes.

When I walked through the room she asked me to watch it with her, I inwardly rolled my eyes and sighed.  I told her normally I would love to watch it, but I had a million things to do and besides….

….I already knew how it ended.

And then I thought about how not-truly important those things were and that one day she would be driving around in a car with a bunch of teenagers and spending hours putting on make-up and deciding what to wear and the house would be empty and I would wish I had pushed the pause button and watched a little more Cinderella along the way.

So I plopped down with a cup of coffee and watched the movie and surprisingly, eye-openingly, amazingly learned a few life lessons along the way.

So here’s a few more pictures I took of the farmhouse decorated for fall….

….and a little bit of Cinderella wisdom.

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Hello Achilles Meet My Heel

Hello Achilles Meet My Heel


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house fall

We are knee-deep in the middle of the seventh grade study of the Greeks and the Romans.

And Achilles.

Remember him?

He was a great warrior with super-human strength who single-handedly fought off thousands with his mighty sword.  Armies were in fear of him.  Songs and poems were composed in his honor. His battle prowess was the stuff of legends.

And in the end?

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Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement

Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement


Back Porch Bench

This past week I re-decorated the back porch.

I took down the black and white curtains and replaced the black and white rugs and recovered the black and white patterned pillows.

It was a labor of love.

And when I was finished and all that neutral and natural fibers and monograms and textures and calm and serenity and joy stared back at me….

….and I hugged myself.

Not just because the crickets were chirping.

Not just because drop cloths and monograms go perfectly with white chippy wood.

Not just because the ceiling fan was finally clean.

I hugged myself and the pillows on that back porch because I finally get to tell you what I’ve been waiting six long months to share.

Wait a minute.

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fall decor fireplace

Have you ever heard a dog sneeze?

Yesterday I sat on the floor of the kitchen playing with our little yorkie when all of a sudden he shook his head.  And then he shook it again.  And twitched his nose and let out a whinny that sounded like Secretariat crossing the finish line at the Kentucky Derby.

I stared at him.

Such a big noise and production for such a little snip of a dog.

And then he did it again.

I couldn’t help it.  Right there in the middle of my kitchen floor a reared my head back and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then he looked at me and scolded me with a tilt of his head for being rude.

And watching him scold me for laughing at him for sneezing at me….

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Sometimes It’s the Wood Slices That Do All the Talking

Sometimes It’s the Wood Slices That Do All the Talking

DIH Rustic Pumpkin Stand Wood Pumpkin

Have you ever heard of the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman?

I read it years ago and it’s kind of a game changer.  The premise of the book is that everyone has a way that they show love and everyone has a way that they receive love and there are five different love languages and different ways we communicate.

Here are the love languages from the book.

In no particular order.

1.  Words of Affirmation

2.  Quality Time

3.  Acts of Service

4.  Receiving Gifts

5.  Physical Touch

For example, my love language is Words of Affirmation.

You probably guessed that.  Some people are bi-lingual.

Not me.

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