Back Porch Makeover With Blue and White

Back Porch Makeover With Blue and White


twin with flowers

Yesterday I came across a picture of the cutest face in the entire universe back in the day when I used to take pictures of people, not furniture.

I had to post it.

Not just to show you that tiny, sweet face.

Or those adorable clenched hands.

Or those super long amazing tights attempting to pass themselves off as footwear.

I’m simply posting the picture here to ask you if it looks like she is about to roll her eyes at me….

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Appreciate Yourself Day (and a Giveaway)

Appreciate Yourself Day (and a Giveaway)


This post is sponsored by Kathy Davis.

gray bedding

A few days ago I saw a picture of grilled chicken tossed with pasta and broccoli and tomatoes and topped with cilantro and bits of grated cheese styled on a plate that looked like summer with red and blue pattern and the tiniest of lemon wedges next to a glass of sweet tea.

It stopped me in my tracks.


I think I stared at the picture for ten minutes.

When was the last time I ate grilled chicken with cilantro?

When was the last time I put anything on a plate that looked like summer?

When was the last time I drank sweet tea from a glass that didn’t say Chick Fil-A on it?

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Almost So Close to Amazing

Almost So Close to Amazing

bedroom with wood ceiling

I had my first perm when I was in high school.


Hold the phones and some horses.

I feel the need to go all Star Wars the prequel and preface that statement with a few facts.

1.  I have a lot of hair.  Like enough for myself and some friends.

2.  No judgement.  Perms were a thing.  Like stirrup pants and earrings that looked like door knockers.

3.  My hair has ADD.  It can’t make up its mind whether it’s curly or straight.  On the top it’s wavy.  Simple, classic waves with a hint of curl and then you lift up the hair and there’s a whole other layer going on.

Business on the top.

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There’s a New Singer in Town

There’s a New Singer in Town


kari waits for me

Last week my red lipstick and I drove across the beautiful green rolling hills of Virginia to speak at an event at the General Store at Smith Mountain Lake.

But before I spoke.

Before I raised my hands in the air and twirled around and smelled the storms rolling in from the west.

Before I told stories and handed out stacks of fabric giveaways and filled platters with cookies and helped hang fabric garlands from end to end in the room, the staff at the store and I gathered in the front of the building and gave each other a pep talk and put our hands together for a cheer like we were on the fifty yard line at the local football game.

On the winning side.

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urn filled with flowers

Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday:

1.  Does any one have a good breakfast cereal option?  Like one with raisins and almonds and crunch?  I’m running out of options.

2.  Someone told me that the new season of Poldark starts tomorrow on Masterpiece.  I cannot confirm.  Has anyone seen any information about it?

3.  I’ve been working on a plate wall and I am totally going asymmetrical.  I’m not sure about it.  I’ll keep you posted.

4.  I’ve started working on the book and I’m drinking lots of tea and hoping it goes well and I’ve set up my writing station at the Gatehouse and taking this writer’s words to heart.

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Get Your Surprised Face Ready

Get Your Surprised Face Ready

mercury bottles

Remember when were younger and your parents bought you presents for Christmas in June and hid them away until December 25 and one day when you opened the drawers in the spare bedroom looking for an umbrella and you accidentally discovered them?

There they would be, simply minding their own business tucked away in over-sized sacks.

And you would want more than anything to take a peek inside those bags.

Just a peek.

But you wanted to make the nice list, so you shut the drawer and walked away and tried to be good, but then you paused for a moment and turned around and opened the drawer one more time….

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How Much Wood You Care?

How Much Wood You Care?

farmhouse kitchen organization

When we bought the house the kitchen didn’t look like this.

Not even close.

There was blue bird wallpaper and dark cabinets and a reproduction stove attached to the chimney with a pipe and a wall where the opening over the sink is.

And the floors were a honey colored laminate flooring.

No worries.

I had a vision and a design and a purpose….

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Stepping Through the Elevator Door (And a REALLY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT)

Stepping Through the Elevator Door (And a REALLY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT)


Six days, two hours and thirty-seven minutes ago, I stood in a hotel outside of Chicago wearing red lipstick and a super cute outfit that involved the perfect combination of stripes and summer, frantically pressing the elevator button….

….and trembling in my new beaded sandals.

Nervously I pressed the lighted blinking button.

Again. And again. And again.

I think I read somewhere that when they design elevators, they maniacally add a feature where the elevator doesn’t arrive and the door doesn’t open when you’re late for something you really need to be on time for.

Even if you and your hair are looking super cute.

Even if you applied three tones of red lipstick to arrive at the perfect blend.

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