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Sometimes you just have to say it.

The other day I was on the phone with my friend Vanessa talking about books and blogging and conferences and grilled chicken when all of a sudden I paused mid-conversation and said, “I can’t help it.  I have to tell you something.”

“What?” she said.

“At this exact moment in this exact light if I hold my head to the right and pull one wisp of hair out of the pencil holding up my curls….

….my hair looks amazing,”

She literally laughed out loud.

I know you’re not really supposed to say stuff like that.  I get it.  I understand.  You are supposed to be modest and self-effacing and keep your spectacular hair moments to yourself.  But sometimes you can’t help it.  Sometimes it’s so awesome you just have to share it with the world.

So promise me this.

The next time you are amazing (which I’m sure will be today) ….

….you have to let me know, too.

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Five Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Shortcuts

Five Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Shortcuts


kitchen organization ideas

Almost eight years ago this room was nothing but a pipe in the middle of the floor and hundreds and hundreds of nails sticking up where we had pulled up layer after layer on the original floor.

We were remodeling the house and running out of money.

We started with an original budget and my husband had a detailed spreadsheet, but somewhere along the way we got derailed.

Like seriously.

Things that were supposed to cost $2.00, ended up costing $2.50 and all those .50 added up and our budget was limping along and asking for a place where it could lay down and rest.

My kitchen budget got cut in half.  Gone were the marble counter tops.  Gone was the built-in kitchen island.  Gone were the custom cabinets.

It was just me and a stack of laminate counter top samples.

And now?  Years later, sitting in my kitchen typing this post?

I’m so happy.

Because when you remodel a kitchen and the funds are low and you are wondering if your five gallon bucket can double as a sink, you only really need one thing….

….a little creativity.

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$1000 Custom Furniture Giveaway

$1000 Custom Furniture Giveaway

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My UPS man is one of my best friends.


When you live in the middle of the country without stop lights and drive-through anything and gas station pizza is considered a delicacy….

….the luxury of having something delivered directly to your door is so lovely.

I’m used to checking sizes and measurements and placing painter’s tape on the floor to make sure the piece will fit in my home and ordering fabric samples to make sure the color is right.

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Look What I Found By the Side Of the Road

Look What I Found By the Side Of the Road

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I never met a yard sale or an estate sale or a garage sale or a tag sale that I didn’t like.

But my favorite?

The side of the road sale.

The stuff you can find is amazing.  Like broken down chairs someone is throwing away or architectural moldings or doors or drawers or beds or giant 40 pane windows.

Or wood.

Discarded, chippy, left out in the rain, worn a little by life kind of wood.Continue reading

Watch Out for Sleestaks

Watch Out for Sleestaks


Front Entry Farm

This is a total decorating explanation post.

You know.  The one where I have an amazing decorating idea that I came up with and I have to share it and have coffee with you just in case you have a similar challenge in your own space.

Let’s start with a little background and the floor plan.

I remember the first day I walked into the house.  After I shook its hand and told it hello, I mapped out the spaces.  The entry was a small room with a dining room on the right and a small door that led to the living room on the left.  If you walked through the main entry, you would enter into a hallway with a door that led into the room on the right with the kitchen on the left.


Oh good, me, too.

In a decorating nut shell, there were four rooms in a square with an entry and a hallway in the center and a whole lot of doors.Continue reading



eat in kitchen table

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  I have been binge watching episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  I can’t help it.  Just when one ends, Netflix loads another one for you without even asking.  I think to myself, just one more.  It’s kind of like brownies.

2.  I’ve given up diet coke this summer and replaced it with water.  My skin told me thank you.

3.  My kids have started playing Pokemon Go.  Apparently it’s a thing.  I asked them if a Pokemon was sitting next to me at the restaurant.

4.  In beauty news I found the best under eye concealer at WalMart.  It’s only $2.00 and it made me glow.

Or maybe that was the water. :)

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The One Thing Every Mountain Climber Needs

The One Thing Every Mountain Climber Needs



We all have a seemingly insurmountable mountain to climb.

Each and everyone of us.

For some it’s getting up and giving a public speech in front of hundreds of people or having the courage to fly in an airplane or facing down a bully or paying off overwhelming debt and mounting bills or trying to mend fences with someone who has wounded you.

Or climbing a mountain.


When you are in middle school and 4’10” and you are a little shy and used to having your twin sister with you everywhere you go….

….your mountain is basketball camp.Continue reading

Serendipity and Twelve Fabric Projects

Serendipity and Twelve Fabric Projects

Sweet Tea Table

A long time ago I watched a movie called Serendipity.

It was about these two people who met while they were shopping and kind of fell in love, but they weren’t really sure so the girl told the guy if they were really meant to be they would meet again one day and they parted ways and then years later when she’s about to marry a musician they find each other again.

And fall in love.

I remember leaving that movie and thinking two things:

1.  That if I ever met someone who looked like John Cusak while I was shopping for gloves I wouldn’t leave him to fate.

2.  Did serendipity truly exist?

I’m still not sure about number one because I don’t know if John Cusack has twinkling eyes….

…..but question number two?


Yes my friend….it does.Continue reading