Simple Tip to Make Your Windows Appear Larger

Simple Tip to Make Your Windows Appear Larger

Living Room Decor

I wish I could show you the first house we ever lived in.

I didn’t write a blog back then so the only pictures I have of the house involve family.  I didn’t really take pictures of the decorating.

But suffice it to say it looked NOTHING like this.  I had a yellow couch with red roses and blue flowers and tomato red walls and a pink rug with an overall geometric design and blue and white plates on the wall.

It was such a tiny house and I didn’t really have a lot of money to decorate with so I shopped yard sales and painted everything in sight and became an expert at making things look like they were so much more than they ever intended to be.

Like my windows.

We had eight foot ceilings and tiny windows and I tried everything to make them look like pictures in all the decorating magazines I read and nothing really worked.

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Silver-Handled Wood Slice Cutting Board

Silver-Handled Wood Slice Cutting Board

wood slice project

There are days when I think blogging is one of the most fun jobs there is.

It’s kind of like Lady Mary at Downton Abbey.

Someone is always showing up with an invitation to a party on a silver platter while you are sitting and having tea with Grandmama trying to explain to her why you want to go out with a race car driver.

Just like the invite that showed up in my inbox from my friend Stacy.

She explained she planning a blogger event where she sent us all the same item and challenged us to use our creativity and transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.

I sent over my acceptance and four months later this showed up.

A wood slice and an entire world of possibilities.

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The Best Camera Lens for Interior Room Photography

The Best Camera Lens for Interior Room Photography

family room pillow

Have you ever noticed when I post house photographs on the blog, you kind of see half a room.

Like this photograph.

You see half the built-in’s and one of the chairs and one side of the bookcases and half the window seat.


Are you drinking coffee and sighing at me and saying your half a room looks fine, but what’s across from the couch and what does the entire built-in look like and I really like that pom pom pillow….

….but what about the rest of the space.

I know.  I hear you.  I get it.

But until Saturday, I didn’t have the right camera equipment to take an entire room photo.  I tried.  I really, really did.  I would back all the way into other rooms and stand on chairs and climb up a ladder to try to take a photograph of then entire space.  And sometimes I almost got it.  But between us, it never really worked.

Until now.

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spring porch decorating flowers

Happy day.

How about some flowers with your morning?

In no particular order, here’s my favorite things about Saturday.

1.  That moment when you open your eyes and the sun is peeking out from behind the horizon and you think you overslept but then you realize it’s Saturday.

And you slide back under the covers.

2.  It’s the perfect project day.  Nothing says Saturday like a morning run to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

3.  Or when you run out of projects or you’re kind of over them and they seem all intimidating and overwhelming, it’s the perfect Hallmark movie marathon day.

4.  But my favorite thing about Saturday?  It’s Saturday.

Enough said.

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Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

family room pillow

This is my family room.

You might have met before.

I love every nook and cranny of this room.  I love the tufted ottoman and the two love seats and the pom pom pillows and the bookcases that we built in when we remodeled the room and the window seat and the light that dances across the almost 100 year old pine floors.

I love it all.


Except for the one thing I’ve never showed you before.  I am literally biting my lip and wrinkling my forehead with a look of apprehension on my face as I type this.

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Easy Valentine Heart Project

Easy Valentine Heart Project

easy Valentines heart project

Tomorrow I’m heading to Nashville to appear on a local talk show called Talk of the Town on Channel 5.

A while back they called me and asked me if I had any fun Valentine’s day projects I could share and I told them I was born thinking up Valentine’s day projects how about this easy valentine heart project and I just needed to make sure my hair was curly and put on the most amazing pair of earrings and red lipstick and I would be there.

And besides.

Meryll Rose, one of the hosts of the show is literally one of my favorite persons on the planet.

She sparkles when she talks.

So tune into tomorrow at 11:00 if you live in the greater Nashville area and in case you live in the rest of Tennessee or one of the other 49 states, here’s the step-by-step tutorial just for you. :)Continue reading

Ladies Meet My Spring

Ladies Meet My Spring

tulips flowers

There comes a day when I have to break up with winter.

It’s usually somewhere around the middle of February when the snow days have lost their luster and the gray skies don’t look like they are ever going to cheer up and all the leafless trees look like they are auditioning for a part in an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Enough already.

That’s when I tell winter he was a super cute date for the holidays and I really like mistletoe and carols and sleigh rides and he was totally hot when he showed up wearing all that white.

But now?

I’m over it.

There’s a new special someone in my life.

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Five Creative Kitchen DIY Projects

Five Creative Kitchen DIY Projects

Kitchen article

Look what just showed up in my mailbox or at a local store near you.

The kitchen.

As featured in the pages of Country Woman magazine.

It is such a fun article.  There’s DIY’s and tips and kitchen decorating ideas and a few random opinions about loving what you have and decorating with yard sale finds and how we transformed our kitchen on a budget.

I read it while watching Downton Abbey last night (which just as an aside we totally need to talk about).  I so want to discuss the episode, but I don’t want to give anything away in case you haven’t watched it yet.

But can I say yikes?

And oh no.

And that I hope everything is okay.

And that I love Violet, Dowager Duchess of Grantham with my whole heart.

I’ll leave the discussion for another day and simply share some of my favorite DIY projects from our kitchen.

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