Beach Cottage Style House Tour

Beach Cottage Style House Tour



I love a good house tour with friends.


There’s nothing like it.  All the oohing and ahhing and turning to each other and telling each other….”Girl…..that would look perfect in your guest room.” And, “What do you think of the paint colors and the planked walls.” And discussing between ourselves that we always wanted to paint a floor a brilliant turquoise and that we were never really sure how it would look….but now that we have seen it we are totally inspired….and by the way….

….let’s have some sweet tea and fresh strawberries after the tour.

With extra chocolate for dipping. 


And when I toured this cottage on Tybee Island…..

….I totally wish you could have been there.


If you were there……I would have told you that there was something missing in my life….

…..and that something was a parrot picture.

Just like this one.

And you would have told me that you just saw one at the Goodwill in town for only $2.99…..

…..and you would race me to it.


And we would pledge our undying love for green zebra paired with green and blue tropical print and white slip covers.

And turquoise dressers.


And ceiling fans with actual fans.


And then I’d tell you that if I ever was lucky enough to have a beach cottage….it would have a pink front door…..

….with a pink flamingo on the screen.

And you’d tell me you’d help me paint it when you visited and help me walk the beach in search of rocks to hot glue on a mirror

…..and a giant clam shell to hold my keys.

Because we all know that what this world needs….

… a few more sea shells and pink flamingos.


And I’d tell you how much I love screened-in porches and how I always wanted to make a pallet swing and hang it from the rafters of my back porch and decorate it with indoor-outdoor in fabric in bright colors but I was worried that my swing would be used as a launching pad for a basketball games and water balloon fights….

….so I never made one.


And you would tell me that you thought that pallet swings were so over-rated anyway and why didn’t I just add a nice day bed and paint it turquoise instead.

And I would tell you…..

….that you were brilliant. :)


And then we would walk up the staircase and wonder about adding plank walls to a room and what kind of wood we should use and how would we attach them…..and then totally forget what we were talking about and stop mid-sentence

…..when we saw this room.


And we would stand there for a moment in silence….just taking in the sunshine streaming through the windows and the sun beams dancing across the beds.


And then… would tell me that you bought that pillow at Pottery Barn outlet when it went on clearance and that you wish you had a beach house to put it in.

And I would tell you that it would look perfect in your room with a trio of beds and white coverlets and faded quilts and striped rugs…..and who really needs a beach house anyway….

….when you live by a Pottery Barn outlet.


And we’d turn the corner and see this room.

And I would say, “Seriously.”

And you would sigh.

And the sea breezes would gently blow in through the open window and we would smell the ocean.


And then I’d ask if you would think I was silly if I found an old typewriter and put it into the gatehouse next to that old-fashioned phone.

And you would tell me retro was in and I was brilliant and typewriters were amazing and that we should stop by the yard sale we saw on the way over in case they had one…..

….and could we please stop for some sweet tea along the way?

And I would say of course….

….because house tours and sweet tea?

That’s exactly what friends are for. :)

PS  This post was brought to you by a little Georgia sunshine and the Mermaid Cottages of Tybee Island.

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