Before and After

Before and After

Bakset ruffled shower curtain


Do you ever feel that there are days when this blog is about a whole lot of after?

Without any before?

Way too much….where we are…instead of….where we’ve been?


Well…if “before’s” are your thing……today is your lucky day :)


Look what I found.


Laundry Room Before


Here’s a beautiful yellow picture of the laundry room….before.


Laundry Room Before


Here’s another gem from the vault.


Laundry room


And here’s the after.


The “before” picture really wasn’t even that bad.  It just needed a little cleaning and fresh paint.

Maybe I never show the “before’s” because I wish I had a really, really great before picture.  One with peeling paint and a shower that was falling out of the wall and ripped wallpaper and a wasp’s nest and maybe a rodent or two.  That would have been awesome.

But I don’t have a “before” like that.

So in addition to my weak “before”s”……I thought I would show you a really great “during” picture.


Laundry Room Before


Because really…..when it all shakes out….there’s a whole lot of “during” around here.

A lot of muddy “during” from the all-day mud volleyball tournament.

Muddy t-shirts.

Muddy bathing suits.

Squished and squashed and plopped.

All over that beautiful, clean “after” of a laundry room.


Muddy Clothes


But I wouldn’t trade it for a second.

This muddy life I lead.

All the squishing and squashing and plopping are what makes the world go round.

Because while before and afters are wonderful… is truly…..

…all about the during :)


PS  May your day be bright and wonderful and filled with non-muddy laundry loads :)

PPS  What’s on your laundry room floor right now?

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