Before and After Beach House Bedroom

Before and After Beach House Bedroom


before and after wood wall

I finally finished the beach house bedroom.

And after every board was hung and every piece painted and every curtain sewed and hung and every pillow placed…..

….I took these pictures in the middle of a hurricane.

Hello, Arthur. :)

cape cod bedroom makeover

There’s so much more to the story….but before I begin….

….let take a trip back to remember where we started.

Before Arthur.

Before the winds and the rains and a gloomy horizon……when we started at the very beginning.

We arrived at the Cape two weeks ago to sunny weather and blue skies and a bedroom that looked like this.


Not bad.

Not terrible.

Just white and simple and….oh wait….boring.


Well….boring except for that fascinating navy blue wall that I painted many summers ago when I had big plans for the room.  Big plans that involved painting a navy blue wall and not much else.  I can remember when the wall was finished….simply shrugging my shoulders…..thinking it was good enough….

….and heading for the beach.

But not this time.

This time I finished the room.

And now the bedroom looks like…..

beach decorating ideas


Well….this with swirling winds and blowing trees and pelting rain just right outside the window.

But inside….there’s a calm oasis of stripes and white bedding with pops of color and vivid patterns.

Inside…’s just another day at the beach.

before and after cape cod bedroom

And when I finished photographing the room….I walked outside to the living room of our family beach house where all my brothers and sisters were assembled……

….and plopped myself in the chair with an air of great self-satisfaction.

I mean….seriously.

A hurricane and howling winds and torrential rain….

….and I still managed to blog on.

beach decorating

I sat patiently and looked around at my brothers and sisters…..waiting for the accolades to begin.

No one even looked up.

They were reading and checking e-mails and trying to stay warm and generally unconcerned with the fact that an amazing beach bedroom makeover had just been completed just down the hallway.

coastal decorating

Now…my brothers and sisters are a tough crowd.

I mean….they are creative and amazing and wonderful and generally all about themselves and their projects and what they have going on.

But the bedroom was finished.

And the time had come to celebrate.

beach ideas for decorating

I waited.

And sighed dramatically again and drummed my fingers on the chair impatiently hoping to catch someone’s eye.

Still no response.

beach inspired bedroom

So I did what anyone would do when they have just worked for two weeks on a project and they are waiting for someone to notice.

I cleared my throat and announced to no one in particular, “Ummm….I’ve finished the beach bedroom makeover.  And just in case anyone wasn’t aware….just in case you were wondering….

….I’m amazing.”

beach decorating inspiration


A response.

All eyes in the room turned to me.

“You’re done?” they said.  “The bedroom is finished?  Really? Good for you.”

cape cod decorating ideas


I had run the race.

I had finished the task set before me.

I had crossed the finish line.

And they finally noticed.

Life was incredible.

cape cod inspired bedroom

They all smiled and laughed and told me how amazing the room was and how much they loved it and they were so happy it was finished.

I sat there in that living room surrounded by some of the toughest critics I know…..basking in the glow of the accolades and the high fives.

And then.

Right in the middle of my basking….someone added, “Good thing your husband was here…..

….so he could finish all of the projects.” :)

before and after coastal decorating


See….I told you they are a tough crowd.

But they’re right.  And I should totally give credit where credit is due.  And so I dedicate this before and after makeover to the cutest carpenter on the planet.  A carpenter with the cutest pair of twinkling brown eyes who built the wall and hung the curtains and painted the planks and told me jokes while I sewed the curtains and walked four miles on the beach looking for the perfect piece of drift wood.

Mr. carpenter…..I just wanted you to know today…..just in case you weren’t aware….

…you are amazing. :)

PS  A giant shout out to Online Fabric Store for providing the fabric for the room as well as Lamps Plus for providing the lamps on the side tables!  I’ll share all the room details later….but all opinions are completely my own!

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