Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar



The other day I started wondering whatever happened to Hootie.

As in….”and the Blowfish.”

As in the amazingly popular band with all those chart-topping hits.

I mean….really….a couple of years ago weren’t we all about them?

Weren’t they all over E entertainment news and Extra and Inside Edition.  You know….all the really hard-hitting news media shows.

And then nothing.

Not a single word about Hootie and the Blowfish any more…..



And this topic of discussion has absolutely nothing to do with a bicycle wheel chalkboard calendar.

Total non-sequitur.


Except the other day when I was planning out the project and watching the start of the Kentucky game and talking to my husband about bicycle wheels…..

……all of a sudden I looked up and there was Hootie.


He was singing the national anthem…..smiling and looking like he might have needed a few of the blowfish to help him out.


I’m not even kidding you.

What to do with a bicycle wheel without the tire and whatever happened to Hootie?

It’s like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries with a happy ending. :)


How to Make a Chalkboard Bicycle Wheel Calendar That Actually Spins

(seriously….did you ever expect to see those four words together in a sentence)


bicycle wheel without the tire


hot glue

chalkboard paint

sticker labels


 Step 1:  It all starts with the wheel

You can find bicycle wheels at bicycle shops.

I got this one for free because it was missing the wheel.


Step 2:  Trace the triangles

I counted the inverted triangles on the wheel and determined there were nine.

So I traced the area of one of the inverted triangles to form a pattern.  You want to trace the area slightly larger so you have a little over-lap over the spokes.

After you have your pattern cut from paper….trace onto plywood nine times.

bicycle-wheel-calendar-chalkboard Step 3:  Saw the triangles and spray paint 

Saw the triangles out of the plywood.

Sand to remove any rough edges.

Spray paint with chalkboard paint and let dry.

bicycle-wheel-calendar-labels Step 4:  Add labels

I found these chalkboard label stickers at Hobby Lobby.

I purchased nine and added them to the top of each of the nine sections.

I wrote each of the days of the week on them and then added a section for notes on the remaining two triangles.


Step 5:  Hot glue the chalkboard triangles in place

Hot glue each of the triangles over the spokes to hold them in place.

I laid out the inverted triangles to make sure the spacing was perfect before I glued them.


Step 5:  Insert bolt

Cover the bolt with metal sleeves (this makes the wheel spin).

Insert it into the center of the bicycle wheel.

bicycle-wheel-calendar-diy-how-to Step 6:  Add the back

Cut a piece of wood to use as the back of the calendar.

Drill a hole large enough to screw the bolt into.

Attach the wheel to the wood with the bolt.

Then attach the board directly to a stud n the wall.

Now you have your own spinning bicycle wheel chalkboard calendar.


PS  After the national anthem finished….my husband told me Hootie is a country singer now.

I’ll have to call Inside Edition and let them know. :)

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