Burlap Flower

Burlap Flower




Laura Ingalls Wilder is somewhere…..shaking her head.

Or telling Mary and Carrie to save the feed sacks and run for the hills.

When she was saving her pennies for gingham and dimity and calico….never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that burlap would ever become such a highly prized commodity.

I mean….have you tried to buy burlap lately?

It’s tough going.

There’s a burlap waiting list.

Too many people making curtains and tablecloths and wreaths and dust ruffles and pillows to have enough burlap to go around.

And now I’m adding flowers to the growing inventory of burlap projects.

So Laura….put down the butter churn….grab a feedsack…..and take notes. :)



Burlap Flowers





8 inches of coat hanger or heavy gauge wire

florist tape


flower center





Step 1:  Create the center of the flower

Place flower on the tip of the coat hanger and wrap end with florist tape.

Continue on down the wire until you have completely covered the wire with tape.



Step 2:  Make a burlap square

Cut three squares of burlap 7″ x 7″.

This is going to be your petal.

Fold burlap in half….leaving about a 2 inch edge as shown.


Ironing the burlap gives the burlap a nice crisp edge for the petal.

Trim away any excess strings of burlap.



Step 3:  Form burlap into a petal

This is easy to do and super hard to describe.

Bring the edges of the triangle together to make a loop in the burlap as shown.

Trim any excess burlap off the base of the petal.

It’s much easier than it looks.

It’s almost like the burlap wants to become a petal.

Maybe it is a little tired of all those curtains.


Step 4:  Wrap florist tape around the petal

Tightly wrap a piece of florist tape around the base of the gathered burlap.

Try to make this as compact as possible.

You have three petals to fit on your flower and you don’t want a big glump (a completely professional florist term) at the base of the flower.

Repeat step 4 and make two more petals.




Step 5:  Add petals to wire stem

Place all three petals around the flower that you taped to the coat hanger.

Wrap florist tape around all three petals to form a flower.

If the petals need a little extra support….use some hot glue to bind the base of the petals together.




I imagined these flowers in my head when I was wearing my bobby pin the other day.

And they turned out even cuter.

Maybe it was the bobby pin.

Maybe it was the burlap.

Maybe it was that even a feed sack……

……deserves a beautiful spring fling.  :)

PS  May your day be full of joy and without any burlap waiting lists. :)

PPS  If you like burlap as much as I do….be sure and check out all my other burlap projects here.

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