Burlap Photo Wreath

Burlap Photo Wreath



When I tell someone I write a blog….they always ask me the same question:

“Are you ever worried that you will run out of things to write about?”


I can’t even imagine it.

I have  dozens of blog posts and ideas and projects and DIY’s circling around in my head.

And besides….everyone around here is always auditioning for the blog.

Somewhere….somehow they got the mistaken impression somehow that appearing on the blog…..

….is just like being on the Disney channel.

They tell funny jokes.

They create crafts.

They tell me stories that make me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

They would stand on their head and hula hoop while eating a popsicle…..if I would just write a post about it.

And I treasure every precious minute of it.

So today…..you wonderful, funny, incredibly sweet popsicle eating friends……

.…this wreath is just for you.  :)

Burlap Photo Wreath

Burlap Photo Wreath



2 rolls of 15 feet of wide burlap ribbon

1 roll of narrow burlap ribbon

16″ wire wreath form

small rectangular pieces of wood

white paint

Mod Podge

matte clear acrylic spray 


Step 1:  Start by making the wreath

Take the end of your ribbon and wind it through the wire.

Wind it under and over the wire until it stays.


Step 2:  Make a pouf

Create a loop of burlap and thread the rest of the ribbon through the wire until you create a pouf on the wreath.

Push the pouf tight against the side of the wreath.

Repeat the steps to make a second pouf.

When you are done it will look like this.


Step 3:  Repeat step 2

Continue with step 2….making poufs….until the wreath form is completely covered.

One roll of ribbon should fill about 1/2 the wreath.

You can make the poufs as close together as you like or as poufy as you like.

Shape and twist the poufs as you work on the wreath.


Step 4:  Make photo images for the wreath

Take the small wood rectangular pieces.

Paint them white with acrylic craft paint.

Drill a small hole in the top (you can always skip this step and hot glue the ribbon if you want).

Lightly distress with sand paper.


Step 5:  Mod Podge photos

Print off photos on your ink jet printer.

Seal them with a clear acrylic spray.  Let dry completely.

This seals the ink jet image and prevents smudging when you go to Mod Podge

Mod Podge a layer on the wood and the back of the ink jet image.

Place image on wood and add another layer of Mod Podge on top.

Smooth out wrinkles.

Let dry completely overnight.


Step 6:  Add ribbon

Cut ribbon in half and thread through holes of finished photos.

Repeat with each photograph.


Step 8:  Tie photographs to wreath

Lay out photo images in a pattern to make sure they are even spaced.

Tie photo images onto wire wreath between poufs.


Step 9:  Fluff wreath

When you are done…your wreath should look like this.

Fluff your poufs and photos to make sure the wreath isn’t lopsided.


This is such an easy, fun way to display photos.

The days of popsicles and hula hoops and racing like the wind across the card……are so fleeting.

Take a moment to freeze those moments in time.

Your cartwheeling super stars will be so happy that you did. :)

For more burlap inspiration….

be sure and check out my other blog about all things burlap:


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