Can You Help a Calendar Out?

Can You Help a Calendar Out?



Someone threw this in the trash.

I know….right?

I’m as shocked as you are.

This giant over sized window with its peeling paint and chips and scratches and dents and broken sashes and a lifetime of living….

….was actually thrown in the trash.


Good thing I was there.

Good thing I spend my life checking out what other people throw away.

Good thing I recognize greatness even when it’s surrounded by Cheerios boxes and banana peels.

Good thing.

Because we took it home and painted and patched and rebuilt it into……


……a giant chalkboard calendar.

And I know right about now…’re nodding your head.

You’re not surprised….because you knew it all along.   Because you can see all that potential in those broken sashes and chips and dents and scratches……and now you’re thinking…..if you would have been driving by the curb that day….. it would have been in your truck faster than you can say “I brake for trash.”

Good thing I got there first. :)


Now if you have read this blog for more than five minutes….you’ve probably seen this chalkboard before.

You’ve seen it decorated with silhouette pumpkins.

You’ve seen it decorated with stockings

You’ve seen it decorated with a twig wreath.

You’ve seen it in room make-overs and room make-unders and  decorated for the holidays and decorated three ways.

It has been here there and everywhere.

And now it needs your vote.


I’m so honored to have been selected by Better Homes and Gardens to compete in their Makeover Madness Challenge.

It’s kind of like the March Madness from NCAA basketball and there’s a bracket and projects competing against each other and lots of creativity and ideas and….well…the bottom line is….

….today I need a favor.

Can you help a calendar out and vote for it to win?

edited to add:  the voting starts at 9am CST and is only for one day. :)

Just click here and vote for the one with the extra scratches and dents. :)

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