Creative Ideas for Decorating With Flowers for Spring

Creative Ideas for Decorating With Flowers for Spring

flower decorating for spring

Oh the weather outside is frightful.

But the fire is so delightful.

And since we’ve no place to go.

Let it……Nooooooooooooo,  Arrrrrgh.  Ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Maaaaaaaaaaake it stoooooooooop.


So sorry……wrong song.

I meant to sing….”Here comes the sun.” :)Continue reading

The Best Decorating Tip I Thought I Invented

The Best Decorating Tip I Thought I Invented


butler's pantry

Today my friend Heather from Decor Fix asked me to share one of my simplest decorating tips.

And because I’m a little in awe of Heather.


(I mean wait until you see her style).

And beca
use I have a tip that I totally thought I kind of invented.

I said yes.Continue reading

The Most Important Person in the County

The Most Important Person in the County


winter farmhouse n snow

Dear tired, weary, over-worked, beleaguered salt-truck worker,

I salute you.

For four months now….you have tried so hard.


In November they told us all that the snow was on its way and you diligently salted the roads.

And not a snowflake ever came.Continue reading

One Built-in Bench Four Different Ways

One Built-in Bench Four Different Ways



Today we are talking pillow decorating.

Yesterday I was worried it was going to snow so I sat around the house and watched Gray’s Anatomy and watched a tutorial on how to make a messy bun in my hair….

….and decorated this built-in bench four different ways with pillows.

I’m not sure what is more random about this post.

That I had enough pillows scattered around to create four different pillow looks just by shopping the house.

Or that I got in a hurry to put them out when I made them….

….and most of them were still safety pinned shut. :)Continue reading

Same Song Second Verse

Same Song Second Verse


Farmhouse Kitchen Desk

One of these days I’m going to write a stream of consciousness post.

Remember those from high school literature junior year?

The author of the piece would just write down whatever they were thinking.  It was kind of like chasing rabbits with a literary accent.  Sometimes it made sense and sometimes it didn’t.  At the time I thought it was ridiculous.

Now me and my much wiser self think it’s brilliant.Continue reading




dining room

This is one of those moments in life where I remember that you don’t stop by every day for sweet tea.

I’m sorry.

I posted all about the room change-up and which room was going where and what we were using it for and while all those words were good….let’s be honest….

….a picture says a thousand words.

But today is a new day.

So let’s go all Julie Andrews and start at the very beginning…..

….with a floor plan.Continue reading

To All the Rooms I’ve Loved Before

To All the Rooms I’ve Loved Before


monogrammed chair covers

I did it.

Sometimes I’m a big talker.

I talk and dream and hope and sigh and plan….

….and end up just watch Downton Abbey.

Not this time.  Well, of course I watched Downton Abbey….I wanted to find out what happened with Mary’s scandalous trip across Europe and what quips the Dowager Countess of Grantham would say to make me laugh out loud.  But before that I finished the big room change-up.

And today I have pictures.

Are you ready?Continue reading

Christmas Home Tour 2014

Christmas Home Tour 2014


BSHT Christmas 2014 Graphic

Merry Christmas friend.

So happy to have you here today for a Christmas tour of the farmhouse.  If you’re hopping over here from Bliss at Home….welcome.  

It’s nice to officially meet you.

Me?  I’m in the middle of watching the Hallmark movie about the girl who gets a job as Santa Claus and falls in love with the head of the menswear department at the store where she works but he has absolutely no idea that she’s playing Santa and he keeps going to Santa (who is really the girl dressed up) and asking for relationship advice.

Confused?  Oh good….me, too.

And I can’t decide which is more random…that no one in the entire movie questions the girl’s obviously fake Santa voice….

….or the fact that the guy in the movie keeps asking Santa Claus for dating tips. :)Continue reading