Sweet Corn and Dining Al Fresco

Sweet Corn and Dining Al Fresco


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outdoor dining table place setting

Last week a friend brought a basket of squash and zucchini and spaghetti squash.

Someone dropped by fresh bread and left it hanging on our door.

And just when I thought our summer vegetable cup couldn’t run over any more….

….someone brought by a giant bucket of sweet corn.

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Look What I Found By the Side Of the Road

Look What I Found By the Side Of the Road

brush and floss bathroom

I never met a yard sale or an estate sale or a garage sale or a tag sale that I didn’t like.

But my favorite?

The side of the road sale.

The stuff you can find is amazing.  Like broken down chairs someone is throwing away or architectural moldings or doors or drawers or beds or giant 40 pane windows.

Or wood.

Discarded, chippy, left out in the rain, worn a little by life kind of wood.Continue reading

Back Porch Makeover With Blue and White

Back Porch Makeover With Blue and White


twin with flowers

Yesterday I came across a picture of the cutest face in the entire universe back in the day when I used to take pictures of people, not furniture.

I had to post it.

Not just to show you that tiny, sweet face.

Or those adorable clenched hands.

Or those super long amazing tights attempting to pass themselves off as footwear.

I’m simply posting the picture here to ask you if it looks like she is about to roll her eyes at me….

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How Much Wood You Care?

How Much Wood You Care?

farmhouse kitchen organization

When we bought the house the kitchen didn’t look like this.

Not even close.

There was blue bird wallpaper and dark cabinets and a reproduction stove attached to the chimney with a pipe and a wall where the opening over the sink is.

And the floors were a honey colored laminate flooring.

No worries.

I had a vision and a design and a purpose….

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How to Decorate On Little More Than a Dime (and a Mulligan)

How to Decorate On Little More Than a Dime (and a Mulligan)


how to create farmhouse style

This weekend I spoke at the Country Living Fair.

It was wonderful and glorious and full of sunshine and things that rhymed with bintage and bibby and more inspiration than a person should be allowed to take in a day.

I talked on how to decorate for a little more than a dime (please note that the title was adjusted for inflation).

And it went well.

Except for the ending.

I….well….{gulp}….well….forgot it.


I know…right?  I had this perfectly planned ending and somewhere around slide seventeen I realized I was out of time and abruptly mumbled something like, “Here’s my back porch” and awkwardly pronounced that I was finished and asked for questions.

And left my incredible, inspirational, amazing ending hanging in space.

So I thought I could make it up to my ending today and ask for a mulligan.  A do-over.  I’m going to kind of re-create the talk and add what I should have said right after slide seventeen.

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How to Faux Clean Your House in 14 Minutes

How to Faux Clean Your House in 14 Minutes


how to arrange flowers

We’ve all had the phone call.

You know.

The phone rings and you pick it up and it’s your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s mother who is having a jewelry party and she wants to drop off a catalog for the event next week.

Or it’s your mother’s co-worker’s sister’s aunt who needs you to teach the Sunday School lesson and she wants to leave the book at your house.

Or your daughter’s cheerleading coach is dropping her off after practice and wants to talk for just a minute.

Just a minute.

Or your neighbor wants to stop by and discuss the last episode of American Idol over coffee.

And you hang up the phone and look around and realize your house may or may not closely resemble the latest episode of Hoarders.

No worries.

You totally got this.

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Getting My Summer On

Getting My Summer On


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table setting ideas

I wish you could stop by for coffee this morning.

I have so much to tell you.


I’d throw open the door and tell you how happy I was that you were there and you’d say my messy bun looked amazing and I’d tell you it had paint splatters in it.

And then we’d laugh like we had known each other forever.

Then I’d show you the perfect new nail polish color called Field Fox that I just found that’s not too bold, not too boring with a hint of lilac and a hint of khaki that kind of looks like spring and tell you that I started watching Gilmore Girls again from the beginning and we should pack our bags and move to Stars Hollow.  And I’d show you this piece of molding that I just found by the side of the road that looks so full of promise and we’d head to the back porch where I’m in the middle of a fun project and when we walked through the rooms you would sniff…..

….and tell me the house smelled amazing.

And I’d smile and say, “I know….right?”

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The Picture That Started a Blog

The Picture That Started a Blog


farmhouse kitchen organization

I spent this past week in McKinney, Texas at a trunk show for the fabric line.

It was held downtown right off the historic square in the cutest quilt shop known to man called Happiness is Quilting.

There was laughter and a food truck with dinner and cookies that looked like the fabric and giveaways and slideshows and a local crew from the high school filming the event.

And mid-way through the event, someone suggested I get up and talk.

That’s how I ended up in front of a group of people, surrounded by quilts, waving my hands, wearing red lipstick and fancy earrings talking about fabric and the little blog that started it all.

The very beginning.

The very first post.

And how I ended up where I never thought or intended or even planned.

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