IKEA Dresser Hack

IKEA Dresser Hack


IKEA Dresser Hack

This post is brought to you by the snow….

….and a really good cup of coffee.

Yesterday I was working on this project.  It was early in morning and the sun was rising.  I was humming the Glade commercial and painting and organizing in between sips of the perfect cup of coffee.

And just as I thought the morning couldn’t get any more perfect, I looked outside the window.

There it was.

The first snowfall of 2015.

Big fluffy flakes floating down and covering the grass in front of the gatehouse.

I paused and walked to the window and took a sip of coffee and closed my eyes.  I wanted to remember this moment for the next few months of winter when I stop gazing in awe….

….when I start rolling my eyes at the snow. :)

Here’s a fun way to organize your scarves with this easy IKEA Dresser Hack.Continue reading

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