How To Make a Folding Screen From Old Doors

How To Make a Folding Screen From Old Doors

Door Shelf Project

Have you been to a salvage yard or junk store lately?

They really like their stuff.

I mean really like it.

I’ve seen stacks of windows and doors and architectural pieces left out in the rain and then rusted with giant holes in them that look like they are destined for a life of gloom and misery…..

…..with a price tag higher than the Hope diamond.

I think they charge extra for chippy and rickety.Continue reading

Stained Deer Head DIY

Stained Deer Head DIY

stained deer head diy project

If you only knew all the projects that I thought up in my head….

….that never work out.


Does that ever happen to anyone else?  Am I the only one?

I think I have a 95% almost-make-it-but-not-quite-because-what-was-I-thinking rate.

But sometimes all the stars align and the cherubs sing and tiny bluebirds fly by in a crystal blue sky and a project jumps perfectly from my brain into fruition.

And sometimes it turns out even better than I imagined.

Here’s one that did.Continue reading

Six Simple (and Some Not So Simple) Pallet Projects

Six Simple (and Some Not So Simple) Pallet Projects


To quote Barbara Mandrell, one of the greatest philosophers from 1970….

….I was pallet wood before pallet wood was cool.


I don’t think I’ve ever met a piece of pallet wood I didn’t like.

And just when I thought I had seen everything you could create from pallet wood, my brother came along and inspired me even more.

Here are some of my favorite pallet projects ever created….

…and a pallet joke for the road just to make you smile.

Did you hear about the scientist who used pallet wood to build a rocket?

He had a few loose screws. :)Continue reading

Jute Twine Nest and Chalkboard Eggs

Jute Twine Nest and Chalkboard Eggs


chalkboard eggs and nest

Because it’s officially spring and because I have a question for you….

….it’s nest day here at Thistlewood.

The other day I was going home from the ballpark when I saw a nest perched high atop the bridge over the river.

And not only was there a nest….there was a bird there too.

Here’s the nest and the bird.

bird's nest

It’s kind of blurry….but can you tell what type of bird it is?

And if so….do they normally build nests on bridges?

I was a little worried for the bird so high up there.

But then my husband reminded me….that birds can fly. :)

chalkboard eggs

In on the ground nest news….

….I made this one out of jute twine and filled it with chalkboard eggs.

It was an easy project that took only about an hour.

Want to make your own?

Here’s the DIY.


How to Make a Jute Twine Nest


jute twine

Elmer’s Glue-All


wooden craft eggs

how to make a nest

Step 1:  Blow up balloon and insert it into a container

Here’s mine in a milk glass urn.

(total aside:  everything looks better in a milk glass urn)


Step 2:  Make your own decoupage mix

This is the perfect inexpensive way to make your own decoupage.

Mix 3 parts Elmer’s Glue-All to one part water.

how to make a jute twine nest

Step 3:  Dip twine in decoupage mix

I dunked my twine and soaked it for just a little bit.

Then I started criss-crossing it on top of the balloon.

jute twine nest

Step 4:  Continue adding twine

I kept adding twine in a random pattern until it looked like this.

Turn the balloon so you make sure you get even random coverage.

No pattern.

Just criss-cross it until it looks right.

Let dry thoroughly.

chalkboard eggs and nest

Step 5:  Pop the balloon

Once your nest has dried, pop the balloon.  Once the balloon is popped, it just pulls away to reveal a perfect (or a little random) jute nest.

Trim the edges of the nest and any extra glue strings.

I added chalkboard eggs to the nest with a tiny crossword puzzle.



Happy spring.

PS  Now I’m off to check on my new feathered friends on the bridge.

Gotta fly. :)

This post was sponsored by Elmer’s Products.  All ideas and opinions on nests and glue and jute twine are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

Book Folding 101 or Wait Until You See What This Book Looks Like Now

Book Folding 101 or Wait Until You See What This Book Looks Like Now


how to fold a book into a state diy

There are moments in life when you realize that even the ordinary….

….can become extraordinary.

(total aside:  I know you might not have had a cup of coffee yet….but I wanted you to know we are going all profound this morning)


Like this simple Kentucky law book.

Out-of-date.  Destined for the trash.  Overlooked.  Under appreciated.  Forlorn.

Okay….you get the picture.

But with a little paper folding, this book becomes something that looks more like this.Continue reading

Best Trash to Treasure Project Ever

Best Trash to Treasure Project Ever



This is the story of the best trash to treasure project ever.

In the history of ever.

My brother came to visit and loved his chalkboard and made me laugh and roll my eyes and drank all my diet coke….

….and brought me a table.

If this is your first time visiting that might seem unusual.  If you have read this blog for more than five minutes you’re not in the least surprised.  That’s how my brother rolls.

This is the brother of the pallet wood letter and the pallet wood letter the second verse and the pallet wood clock and the pallet wood boxes that look like people.

He never met a piece of pallet wood he didn’t like.Continue reading

How to Fill A Giant Blank Wall After a Basketball Game

How to Fill A Giant Blank Wall After a Basketball Game


chalkboard wall

I’m not sure how or why or when March showed up.

But it did.  

And it brought with it daylight savings time and the promise of sunshine and the hope that the grass might one day actually be green and much-anticipated company to the gatehouse.  My brother formerly of the boxes that look like people and currently of the pallet letters is about to be in the house.

And so I did what any about-to-be-visited sister would do…..

…..and made a giant chalkboard.Continue reading

Remember a Little Industrial Farmhouse?

Remember a Little Industrial Farmhouse?


living room design ideas

Remember this room?

Remember all that industrial farmhouse glory?

I designed it over a year ago and it’s still one of my favorites.


Remember where it began?Continue reading