Easy Valentine Heart Project

Easy Valentine Heart Project

easy Valentines heart project

Tomorrow I’m heading to Nashville to appear on a local talk show called Talk of the Town on Channel 5.

A while back they called me and asked me if I had any fun Valentine’s day projects I could share and I told them I was born thinking up Valentine’s day projects how about this easy valentine heart project and I just needed to make sure my hair was curly and put on the most amazing pair of earrings and red lipstick and I would be there.

And besides.

Meryll Rose, one of the hosts of the show is literally one of my favorite persons on the planet.

She sparkles when she talks.

So tune into tomorrow at 11:00 if you live in the greater Nashville area and in case you live in the rest of Tennessee or one of the other 49 states, here’s the step-by-step tutorial just for you. :)Continue reading

Five Creative Kitchen DIY Projects

Five Creative Kitchen DIY Projects

Kitchen article

Look what just showed up in my mailbox or at a local store near you.

The kitchen.

As featured in the pages of Country Woman magazine.

It is such a fun article.  There’s DIY’s and tips and kitchen decorating ideas and a few random opinions about loving what you have and decorating with yard sale finds and how we transformed our kitchen on a budget.

I read it while watching Downton Abbey last night (which just as an aside we totally need to talk about).  I so want to discuss the episode, but I don’t want to give anything away in case you haven’t watched it yet.

But can I say yikes?

And oh no.

And that I hope everything is okay.

And that I love Violet, Dowager Duchess of Grantham with my whole heart.

I’ll leave the discussion for another day and simply share some of my favorite DIY projects from our kitchen.

Welcome to my very own kitchen Academy Awards. :)Continue reading

Winter Decorating Idea:  DIY Drop Cloth Pom Pom Pillow

Winter Decorating Idea: DIY Drop Cloth Pom Pom Pillow

sewing machine project

Hello friends.

How’s coffee?

Meet my sewing machine.

My mother gave it to me when I graduated high school and she got it from a lady who had sewed for fifty years.

It doesn’t do anything fancy.  It doesn’t sew zigzag stitches or monograms or loop stitches.  It doesn’t let you set a pattern and walk away while it sews it.  It doesn’t double stitch or triple stitch or fancy stitch or have a help center you can connect to on the machine.

But what it does is so much more amazing.

It sews a straight line.

Year after year after year after year it sews straight line after straight line after straight line without ceasing.

And it make the most amazing drop cloth pillows with pom poms.Continue reading

DIY Leather and Wood Bath Caddy

DIY Leather and Wood Bath Caddy

vintage bathroom (650x966)

It’s the last chapter in the handmade Christmas gift installment.

Good thing.

It’s almost February.

Of all the wonderful incredible handmade gifts I got like the leather mason jar mug or the star made of maps or the wood stereo speakers or the linen scrap house pillow….

….I think this one was my favorite.

Maybe because it’s the one I use everyday.

Maybe because the combination of wood and leather fits so perfectly on the tub.

Or maybe it’s because I saw it online for $168.

I think it’s because handmade is so much better every. single. time.Continue reading

DIY Wood Speaker (No Electricity Needed)

DIY Wood Speaker (No Electricity Needed)

cracked phone

Okay, so two days ago this happened.


That’s my phone.

It was almost like slow motion when it fell.  I was standing at the front door in the dark, trying to find the key to the front door and simultaneously holding the mail, a drink from McDonald’s, the straw wrapper from the car, my purse and a book tucked under my chin.

And as I turned key over key over key over key and shifted my stash and shifted again….

….something gave way.

I was so hoping it was the straw wrapper.Continue reading

How To Make a Linen Scrap Pillow of Your House

How To Make a Linen Scrap Pillow of Your House

Living Room Decor

I sat in this room Monday night until 10:15pm and watched the last college football game of this college football season.

It was the national championship game.

Alabama v. Clemson.

The Crimson Tide v. the Tigers.

Normally I wouldn’t be watching football.  I would be watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and wondering how Bethany from the New York Housewives showed up in Beverly Hills, but I bartered the Golden Globes telecast from my husband in exchange for watching the national championship last night.

It was a good trade.Continue reading

Seven Creative Projects for Your House (Just Add Glue)

Seven Creative Projects for Your House (Just Add Glue)

Krazy Glue Design Book

At the beginning of last year (total aside:  doesn’t it seem weird to be referring to 2015 as last year when we were just such close friends) .


Focus, KariAnne.

Sorry about that.

I was chasing rabbits.

Let me begin again without the random interjection (and please know I just started singing School House Rock).

At the beginning of last year, Krazy Glue approached me to create a dozen or so projects for them for their yearly design book.  And so I glued and cut and created and styled and photographed project after project and sent them off for publication and then partied through the rest of that wonderful year known as 2015.

And then this showed up on my doorstep.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the projects that I created and photographed for the design book.

Here are seven of my favorites.Continue reading

How to Make a Leather Mason Jar Mug

How to Make a Leather Mason Jar Mug

How to Make A Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I fell in love with a word.

Aren’t words funny like that?  You’re making an all day trip to Target and buying enough organizational supplies from the dollar section to organize a small country (seriously cutest organizational supplies ever) and having an amazing hair day and all of a sudden you hear a word….

….and fall in love.

And the word?



Isn’t that the most wonderful, amazing, incredible word?

When you say it just rolls off your tongue.

And somehow you feel smarter and kinder and like you need to go up to your room at Downton Abbey and get ready for dinner.Continue reading