Serendipity and Twelve Fabric Projects

Serendipity and Twelve Fabric Projects

Sweet Tea Table

A long time ago I watched a movie called Serendipity.

It was about these two people who met while they were shopping and kind of fell in love, but they weren’t really sure so the girl told the guy if they were really meant to be they would meet again one day and they parted ways and then years later when she’s about to marry a musician they find each other again.

And fall in love.

I remember leaving that movie and thinking two things:

1.  That if I ever met someone who looked like John Cusak while I was shopping for gloves I wouldn’t leave him to fate.

2.  Did serendipity truly exist?

I’m still not sure about number one because I don’t know if John Cusack has twinkling eyes….

…..but question number two?


Yes my friend….it does.Continue reading

Five Simple Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas

Five Simple Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas

limes thanksgiving centerpiece

Did you know there are over 1000 posts on this blog?

I know, right?

Just between us I’m as surprised as you.

Four and a half years ago I sat down at the computer and clicked publish on the first one and I never looked back.  In between basketball and cheerleading and baseball and PTO and dogs and cats and kids….

….I wrote.

And wrote a little more.

And you left me a comment and I laughed when I read it and wrote more.

Until one day in July I started researching centerpieces for a free-lance article I’m working on and searched the blog to see if I had any blog posts that I’d written on tables and flowers and centerpieces I had created before.

And 32 posts came up.  Continue reading

When Mother Nature Hands You Twigs

When Mother Nature Hands You Twigs

Storm Picture

Last week Mother Nature partied like it was 2016 at our house.

She shook her thunder and filled the sky with flashes of light and rained down buckets of drops and sent three feet of water rushing through our yard at lightning speed (pun totally intended).

And when the morning broke, the yard and driveway and fields were full of this.

Now some people might see debris.

Or giant logs.

Or mud-covered sidewalks.

But me?

I see opportunity.

A wonderful, glorious, amazing opportunity to make this……Continue reading

How to Make a Faux Brick Wall

How to Make a Faux Brick Wall

faux brick wall gatehouse

Doesn’t this brick wall look real?

Historic and authentic and brickalicious.

Like maybe back when the settlers were a thing, the masons carried dozens of bricks bleached by the sun up from the river and carefully laid them in place, stack after stack, row after row.

To quote a famous american, Cher from Clueless, “As if.”

It’s removeable wallpaper.


I kind of can’t believe it either.

And I’m living with it.

It took about an afternoon to go up and here’s the 411 on how we did it.

(total aside:  does anyone even call 411 any more?)Continue reading

Family Olympics and Three Easy Bandana Projects

Family Olympics and Three Easy Bandana Projects



This post is sponsored by Elmer’s.

Bandana Table Runner Project

Yesterday was our first annual Family Olympic Day.  As in we decided it was annual after we finished.

Pictures to come.

We each chose an event and planned it and there was a score sheet and points and running and challenging and heavy competition.

I won the flower drawing heat and finished last in the weed pulling event.

It was a day full of sunshine and joy and fun and six people drenched from water balloons.

And we topped off the day with a cook-out and smores over the fire and a table decorated with bandanas.Continue reading

Over-sized Wood Typography Sign

Over-sized Wood Typography Sign


twins imagination room

I remember the day the twins were born.

I remember words like extremely premature and fetal distress and incubator and monitor and oxygen stats.

I remember watching their ballerina toes dance across the top of the cribs in the NICU.

I remember waiting and worrying and hoping and praying and calling the hospital every night to see if they had gained even the tiniest of grams.

And I remember the day we got the paper worth more than gold.Continue reading

What To Do With a Charm Pack

What To Do With a Charm Pack

charm pack projects

Can we begin with what is a charm pack?

Have you ever heard of them before?

They are charming.

Pun totally intended. :)

A charm pack is a small package of all the fabrics in a particular fabric line that measures about 5 inches by 5 inches that comes all tied together with twine.

Then you just add imagination.Continue reading

Easy DIY Wood Picture Frame Project

Easy DIY Wood Picture Frame Project

DIY Wood Picture Frames

When they were handing out genes, I didn’t get the refrigerator picture one.

My deoxyribonucleic acid wasn’t programmed for that.

I think someone forgot to tell my chromosomes that pictures on a refrigerator are a thing.


The refrigerator picture gene skipped right over me and passed on to the next generation.  I think this explains the current random picture assortment on the fridge in our kitchen.

It just appeared one day with a lunch schedule.Continue reading