I Was Raised on Happily Ever Afters

I Was Raised on Happily Ever Afters



I was raised on happily ever afters.

You know….where the girl meets the guy and he’s a famous cooking personality and has his own show and she doesn’t really know how to cook and she finds him overbearing and obnoxious and thinks he knows everything about cooking (which he does because he’s a famous chef) and she wants nothing to do with him even though she has to promote him because it’s part of her job.  And along the way she notices that he has amazing hair and discovers that underneath all that bravado is an incredible man because he’s lost his way a little.

Just a little.

And she falls in love with him.

And he falls in love right back and they walk off into the sunset together.


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Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way


tiny rock heart in heart

A little over a month ago I stood in front of God and everyone in a tiny chapel with beautiful stained glass windows next to a big bouquet of hydrangea and evergreens and  glittered twigs and stared up into a pair of twinkling brown eyes….

….and told him I loved him all over again.

It was all so similar.

It was in the same church.

The same minister.

The same time.

The same date.

The same twinkling-eyed smile when I walked down the aisle.

The same feeling like I was the luckiest girl in all the world.

So very, very amazingly wonderfully the same….

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Hello Magnolia Market

Hello Magnolia Market


magnolia market 16

Just for the record….

…..I was a Fixer Upper fan from the very first fix.

From the first house that looked like it needed a really good wrinkle cream and a new pair of Spanx.

From the first time the giant over-sized panels pushed back to reveal the amazing jewel underneath.

From the first farmhouse table.

From the first chippy letter.

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Forever and Ever Amen

Forever and Ever Amen

vow renewal 1

The other day the photographer that photographed our vow renewal ceremony sent me 153 photos.

And after I stared at them and drank some coffee and sighed and stared at them some more and called my mother and danced and looked at the photographs for another hour and a half….

….I realized four things.

1.  I need to take more pictures on dirt roads.

2.  Randy Travis got it right all along.

3.  Getting married the second time was even more fun.


3.  In almost every single picture….

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Is That an Amazing Right Under Your Nose?

Is That an Amazing Right Under Your Nose?


eat in kitchen table

I took a break from rearranging all the rooms downstairs yesterday to check the updates that were beeping on my phone.

Have you been on social media lately?

Just between us….you might want to press the pause button.  It’s a little overwhelming.


Everyone is making resolutions and promising to eat right and get organized and snack on broccoli and start a new diet and grow their own grain and make bread from homemade flour….

….and fly to Tahiti.


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Sometimes You Find a Reindeer

Sometimes You Find a Reindeer


antler wreath

Every year on the day after Christmas my sisters and mother and I  have a tradition that we never miss.

We shop the after Christmas sales.

Because hope always springs eternal and you never know what you can find on a 75% off rack.

Like the time I scored all the glitter reindeer a tree could ever wish for marked down from $6.99 to .19.

Now the glitter has faded and turned a strange shade of pewter and the reindeer have lost an antler or two and several of the reindeer decided the weather was too warm and left for the north pole….

…..but does any of that really matter?

For .19 I think I got my money’s worth. :)

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The Post I Was Never Going To Write

The Post I Was Never Going To Write

thistlewood I hope you dance

Hi, my name is KariAnne.

And this is the post I was never going to write.

I’m still not sure I’m going to hit send.

You see….this is a decorating blog.  I’m talking paint colors and DIY projects and smocked burlap curtains and Christmas decorating and how to paint a plywood sub-floor and remodeling a beach house.

And stories with happily ever afters.

I write and you read and we laugh and giggle and drink coffee together….

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Yes, KariAnne, There is a Pottery Barn

Yes, KariAnne, There is a Pottery Barn



If you live in a small town where everyone knows your name and your business and your monogram and how many wreaths you use to decorate the front door of a gatehouse….

…this story is for you.

When we first moved to the country and bought the farmhouse. everyone immediately made that farmhouse their business.

They would drive by the house slowly and stare, just to make sure they didn’t miss anything.  They’d look at the trails of wallpaper scraps and the new porch and the new front door and the old kitchen cabinets on the lawn and the piles of lumber from all the parts of walls we took down….

….and talk about it over dinner.

And when I went to a party or baseball game or the gas station or the school….someone would inevitably stop me and the question would always be the same.

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