The True Smile of a Champion

The True Smile of a Champion


vow renewal 6

They are growing up so quickly….these four, incredible little people who live at the farmhouse.

Once they were tiny and running around wearing princess crowns and dinosaur hats.

And then I blinked.

Never was that blinking more apparent than this week.  You see….I’m working on a top-secret project that involves stories.  I can’t talk about it and my fingers and all ten toes are crossed and as soon as I can say….you will be the first to know.

But for now, it’s just me and my stories.

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A Little Bit of Home

A Little Bit of Home


thistlewood farm

Sometimes in life there comes that awful, agonizing moment when you realize you can’t go home anymore.

I’m not talking about this home.

I’m talking about the home where you grew up.  Where you played hopscotch and taught school to your dolls and climbed trees and decorated your room with Laura Ashley wallpaper and watched your mother make pancakes every Saturday morning.

And where you first kissed your boyfriend.

And years later walked arm in arm with him up the back steps after you said “I do.”

That home.Continue reading

The Paper Worth More than Gold

The Paper Worth More than Gold


story blocks

During the closet re-organization project of 2015, I found a picture of one of the twins taken the day she was born.

When I saw it, I stopped what I was doing and put down the boxes of random bits of things that always seem to collect themselves in a closet and the fluffy hat with ruffles that I bought for my first Kentucky Derby party….

….and simply stared at the photo.

There she was.

Tiny and precious and beautiful and hooked up to a million tubes and machines and beeping gadgets wearing a tiny pink bow the nurses made for her on her wisps of downy blonde hair.

Weighing in at 2.2 pounds… little my hand almost covered her in the picture.

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Are You Talking to Me?

Are You Talking to Me?


Kirkland's collection cow print

When you are a blogger….sometimes an amazing opportunity walks up and says hello.


And sometimes I turn around to see who that opportunity is talking to.


Are you sure?

Me……with the really awful sleet helmet hair and a sink full of dirty dishes and four loads of laundry to be done and the me that almost slipped in a giant mud puddle on my way to the gatehouse.Continue reading

I Was Raised on Happily Ever Afters

I Was Raised on Happily Ever Afters



I was raised on happily ever afters.

You know….where the girl meets the guy and he’s a famous cooking personality and has his own show and she doesn’t really know how to cook and she finds him overbearing and obnoxious and thinks he knows everything about cooking (which he does because he’s a famous chef) and she wants nothing to do with him even though she has to promote him because it’s part of her job.  And along the way she notices that he has amazing hair and discovers that underneath all that bravado is an incredible man because he’s lost his way a little.

Just a little.

And she falls in love with him.

And he falls in love right back and they walk off into the sunset together.


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Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way


tiny rock heart in heart

A little over a month ago I stood in front of God and everyone in a tiny chapel with beautiful stained glass windows next to a big bouquet of hydrangea and evergreens and  glittered twigs and stared up into a pair of twinkling brown eyes….

….and told him I loved him all over again.

It was all so similar.

It was in the same church.

The same minister.

The same time.

The same date.

The same twinkling-eyed smile when I walked down the aisle.

The same feeling like I was the luckiest girl in all the world.

So very, very amazingly wonderfully the same….

….except for one very, very different thing.Continue reading

Hello Magnolia Market

Hello Magnolia Market


magnolia market 16

Just for the record….

…..I was a Fixer Upper fan from the very first fix.

From the first house that looked like it needed a really good wrinkle cream and a new pair of Spanx.

From the first time the giant over-sized panels pushed back to reveal the amazing jewel underneath.

From the first farmhouse table.

From the first chippy letter.

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Forever and Ever Amen

Forever and Ever Amen

vow renewal 1

The other day the photographer that photographed our vow renewal ceremony sent me 153 photos.

And after I stared at them and drank some coffee and sighed and stared at them some more and called my mother and danced and looked at the photographs for another hour and a half….

….I realized four things.

1.  I need to take more pictures on dirt roads.

2.  Randy Travis got it right all along.

3.  Getting married the second time was even more fun.


3.  In almost every single picture….

….I was smiling from ear to ear.Continue reading