Sometimes It’s All About the Sunrise

Sometimes It’s All About the Sunrise

The sun rising

I know I’ve mentioned a few thousand times that I live in the middle of the country in the middle of nowhere.

But in all those descriptions, I just realized that I left out a minor detail.

I live in the middle of the country in the middle of nowhere….

….surrounded by water.


I live near four rivers, two lakes, dozens of creeks and hundreds of scattered ponds.

It gives the words “you’re wearing high waters” new meaning. :)

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Pumpkins and Communication

Pumpkins and Communication


fall with pumpkins

Communication is a funny thing.

Some people are texters.

Some people are e-mailers.

Some people don’t even communicate at all.

But me?

I’m a phone talker.

Well….actually….I’m an in-person talker, but when that’s not available…..

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Hello Harp Design Company

Hello Harp Design Company

Harp Design Wall of Letters

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn yoga pants and yesterday hair and spent a Saturday watching a Fixer Upper Marathon.

You, too?

And that is exactly why we are friends.

If you’ve watched Fixer Upper, there’s always a part in the show where Joanna is working on the kitchen or office or backyard and she decides that she needs this incredible one-of-a-kind-over-the-top desk or table or kitchen island or front door and she drives across town and walks into the shop of this amazing, creative carpenter and draws a sketch out of the design and he nods understandingly and then at the end of the episode the perfect piece of furniture shows up at the house.

This is that shop.

Clint’s shop.

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A Celebration and a Giant Giveaway

A Celebration and a Giant Giveaway


If you have been reading this blog for more than five minutes….

….you know I’m a mother.

I have four children, three dogs, three cats, a meadow full of deer and bunny rabbits and a giant turtle named Fred who lives in our creek.

There are days when I’m in the finals for mother of the year.  As in they are about to knock on my door any minute with a trophy and a blue ribbon.

And then there are the days when everything goes wrong and almost nothing goes right and I want to pull the covers over my head and turn my trophy into a planter.



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My Favorite Song

My Favorite Song


Note card Song

I woke up early this morning after getting in from Alabama at dark thirty and clutched the cup of coffee that someone was waving under my nose….

….and thought of all of  you.

I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime in the last three days.

Kind of like a contestant on The Amazing Race where they visit four countries and have to ride in a wheelbarrow while stacking peppers and learn a dance and repeat it three times wearing clogs and construct an entire rowboat and then sail it across the river and eat a plate full of delicacies in under four minutes.

Just like that.

Except I ate alligator.

And it tasted just like chicken.

I toured Lucy’s house (and I have pictures).  I worked on a show house and helped build a kitchen island and make chalkboards out of transoms and planned out the design of three rooms.  I had dinner with Ashley and I of course I have stories.

And I can’t wait to share it all with you next week.

But for today my coffee and I are going to rest and watch a Fixer Upper Marathon and share with you one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written.

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The Day Technology Left the Building

The Day Technology Left the Building


When we jumped to the country eight years ago and bought an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with a creek and a pond and acres of land to run and play in….

….never did I envision a house full of children staring at screens.

Not my children.




Video games?

Why?  Why would they ever need any of those?  They had blue skies and green grass and crickets and land to run….

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And He Rescued Us Right Back

And He Rescued Us Right Back

Pallet Wood Calendars

Five months seven days and twelve hours ago I signed all four kids up for camp.

All four chicks leaving the nest for an entire week.

At the time I thought I was brilliant.

A week of lazy days spent lounging and twirling my hair and eating bon bons and reading War and Peace?

A week of date nights and witty conversation and dancing the night away?

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Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream

Southern Romance Dream Home Front Porch Have you ever had a dream?

You know.  Something you want more than anything.  Something that almost seems impossible, but you dream it all the same.  Something deep in your heart that makes it beat a little faster when you think about it.  And sometimes when the day is rough and the road is long and the light at the end of the tunnel seems an eternity away….

….you pull that dream out of your pocket.

And imagine.

And envision.

And hope.

And in that instant, with your dream in hand….

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