The Day I Cried In the Parking Lot

The Day I Cried In the Parking Lot



It’s been almost a year to the day that a tiny four pound ball of fur entered our lives.

I say ball of fur because I’m hesitant to refer to him as a dog just in case he’s reading this over my shoulder.  Because the thing is (just between us)….

….he thinks he’s human.

When we read, he reads.

When we walk, he walks.

When we laugh, he grins.

When we watch the Real Housewives of New York City and think how cute Bethany’s new hairstyle is, he agrees.

And when we have a dance party to Uptown Funk….

…he applauds from the sidelines.

So to celebrate his anniversary, I’m re-sharing a story about love.

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Always Remember to Dribble Right

Always Remember to Dribble Right


Pinterest is full of quotes about finding yourself and finding who you are and knowing your own path.

Quotes like “Some people get lost for so long they forget how to find themselves.”

And  “Lose yourself in the things you love and it is there you will find who you are.”

And my favorite “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.”

Wonderful, sage, incredible, amazing advice.   I know.  I get it.  I understand.  There are days when I feel like I need to have some of these quotes written on my hand so I remember the importance of just being myself.

But this week I discovered that  I really didn’t need Pinterest or quotes or wise advice from others.

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Practicing My Lines

Practicing My Lines


peonies in bloom

It was a Mother’s Day of epic proportions.

I got coffee and a People magazine with a picture of Prince Harry on the front cover.

And fancy earrings that sparkled when I laughed.

People cleaned their rooms and smiled at me all day and mowed the lawn and went to the grocery store without complaining and helped me pick out Gatorades and wrote me notes that said things like “thank you for giving me pep talks every single day and thanks for decorating the room I’m currently sitting in” and “thanks for Taylor Swift car concert sessions and giving me ‘just because’ hugs.”

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One Of the Most Brilliant Decisions I’ve Ever Made

One Of the Most Brilliant Decisions I’ve Ever Made

laundry room

About four years ago I made a brilliant decision.


Amazingly, wonderfully, incredibly brilliant.

One of those decisions where you’re not really sure how or why you made it or even what inspired you, but you pat yourself on the back every day that you did.

A decision that literally changed the course of my life and added hours to my day and made me want to write a book to tell others about it and put it on a billboard surrounded by twinkling lights and take out an ad on page two of the New York Times.

The decision?

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The View From Home

The View From Home

back porch dining table

Yesterday we had the annual power washing festival.

You know.

Where you lug out the power washer and the water hoses and start spraying off the winter coat of green and gray and cobwebs and bugs the house has collected since November….

….and somewhere along the way you get wetter than the house.

This is what it looked like when we were done.

The rugs and furniture and porch are soaked and sparkling clean.

The trees are just starting to leaf out and the daffodils are poking up their heads through the bits of grass and the sun is setting over the meadow and sending sunbeams to dance across the painted deck.

Spring is here.

So in honor of spring and the festival and sunshine, I’m sharing my newly power washed view and a little story again about going home.

I couldn’t help it.

Joy made me do it. :)

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The Tree Whisperer

The Tree Whisperer

decorating an office

Yesterday I read where super successful people spend 12 minutes of every day thinking.

12 minutes spent not on their phones or making lists or watching television or meeting with other super successful people in private planes over the Atlantic ocean.

I thought I would try it so I went to the Gatehouse to think.

And I thought and thought and thought and thought and thought….

….and discovered two things.

1.  Thinking for 12 minutes is a lot harder than it looks.

2.  I think in stories.

Like this one that I’ve told a version of before.

About the history of a tree.

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The Picture That Started a Blog

The Picture That Started a Blog


farmhouse kitchen organization

I spent this past week in McKinney, Texas at a trunk show for the fabric line.

It was held downtown right off the historic square in the cutest quilt shop known to man called Happiness is Quilting.

There was laughter and a food truck with dinner and cookies that looked like the fabric and giveaways and slideshows and a local crew from the high school filming the event.

And mid-way through the event, someone suggested I get up and talk.

That’s how I ended up in front of a group of people, surrounded by quilts, waving my hands, wearing red lipstick and fancy earrings talking about fabric and the little blog that started it all.

The very beginning.

The very first post.

And how I ended up where I never thought or intended or even planned.

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A Moment Like That

A Moment Like That


If I had a dime for every baseball game I have sat through, I could buy a tropical island in the south pacific.

I’ve sat through baseball games in the rain.

And the cold.

And the sunshine.

I’ve seen runs and hits and slides into home plate and bunts and outs.

I’ve sat through games with a team in the depths of despair because they were down by 14 runs.

I’ve sat through games with a team with hit after hit, scoring runs like they were hot cakes.

And through it all, there’s one thing I’ve learned.

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