fourth garden view

Happy Fourth of July.

We are having an almost-turned-out-recipe picnic courtesy of Pinterest today.

You know.

The one where you pin everything you are going to make and the pictures all look amazing and you know this is going to be the Fourth of July for the record books.


Except your brownie stars are falling apart and your red jello layered dessert is sliding down the bowl and when you pour the white Sprite with the red fruit punch with the blue Gatorade and it supposed to layer and look red, white and blue and instead….

… toast our country with a big glass of purple.

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas DIY

Random thoughts on a cloudy Saturday morning:

1.  I’m collecting measuring cups.  I just decided.  They have to be white or cream with writing and I’m up to four different cups right now.  That counts as a collection….right?

2.  I am bursting at the seams to tell you about four different amazing things that are going on at the same time.  As soon as I can I will.

3.  Does anyone have a biscuit recipe?  I mean like a melt-in-your-mouth-sit-back-and-say-your-prayers kind of biscuit?  If so, can you share?

4.  I went to Joanna Gaines’ shop and bought her signature candle.  It’s like the perfect summer day.  I wish blogs offered smell-a-vision so I could share the scent with you.

5.  I just finished the book Orphan Train.  You have to read it.  It was amazing.

6.  And wish me luck.  I have a baseball game, the water park and grocery shopping today.

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Theodore Roosevelt was brilliant.

In between being president and riding with the rough riders and speaking softly and carrying a big stick….

….he said something that has stuck with me forever.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Everyone experiences it.


At some time in everyone’s life, we all encounter a situation where someone is smarter or funnier or richer or wittier or more stylish with better hair and a house that dirt wouldn’t show up if you paid it to.  And we all compare ourselves.  And feel smaller.


You are amazing.


Don’t ever forget that the you that you are is so bright and funny and witty and clever and unique and special and wonderful and shines so brightly….

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My Old Kentucky Home

Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning.

1.  This is my back pasture.  It makes me want to sing.  Songs like, “Oh the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home.” Or “check you for ticks.”  Whichever comes first.

2.  Are you watching the NBA finals?  Do you care?  I didn’t and then my basketball playing son talked me into rooting for Lebron and now I’m rooting for Cleveland.  Go team.

3.  I’m working on two fun projects for next week.  Spoiler alert.  Bingo card.

4.  Some of us went to the movies last night to see Jurassic World.  Some of us stayed home to watch HGTV.

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planter window

You guys rock.


It’s been a busy week around here.  We dreamed a little dream and then we decorated for the Fourth with a giveaway. Then we decided we all loved Yorkies and painted a sign and yesterday we decorated a table three different ways and had another giveaway.


And my favorite part?  The part that made me smile and laugh and nod and say YES in all capital letters?

The songs you suggested in the comments.

Best playlist ideas ever.

If you are looking for a few songs of summer, you can see them all in the comments… reading





We went to see the BEST movie last night.

I really wanted to write that whole sentence in caps….but it might seem like I was yelling.

It’s called The Longest Ride and it stars Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood.

Just his smile alone will make you melt.

He’s like a non-brooding Clint with a grin riding a bull off into the sunset.  And the movie has the BEST ending.

Total spoiler alert.  

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transform door into bench


Just in case you were wondering what’s going on around here….

….I’m putting my phone in time out.


It sassed me back yesterday like a teenager.

Me:  Can you look up catering places in Paducah?

Phone:  No.

Me: (again) Can you look up catering places in Paducah?

Phone:  No.

Me:  Why not?

Phone:  I don’t know.  Why don’t you ask the genius bar and find out?


I think I’m taking away its charger, too. :)


In the super exciting news department….my friend Shaunna is getting a pilot on HGTV called Sweet House Alabama.

I watched the trailer and laughed out loud.

It’s kind of like Fixer Upper meets a southern accent.

It’s on this Sunday at 2pm EST/1pm CST.


You know my love affair with pallet wood.

Love this fresh take on flooring and doormats.

This is simply a stencil she made.

DIY project instructions….here.


Perfect idea for a Mother’s Day brunch.

Maple Bacon Cheese Wraps.

How can you go wrong with bacon?

Recipe found here.


I want to build this for my back hallway and hang a cute coat or two on it.

And leave them there until winter.

No more cold, please.

Simple DIY found….here.


Cutest Mother’s Day idea ever.

Have you ever seen these?

It’s a fun way to grow wildflowers and a free printable here.

Project instructions….here.

And in random news this week:

Welcome to the world, princess.

This picture made me grin.

The perfect guacamole.

Totally pinning this.

These would be so pretty on a Mother’s Day table.

And in honor of the are the best and worst hats from 2014.

Enjoy. :)

transform door into bench

And now I want to ask a favor.

My door bench is in a contest right now and it needs your vote.

Look at it….sitting there so cute against the brick wall…just waiting for you to click here and help it cross the finish line. :)

If you have a moment…could you vote for the bench….here.

Happy Random Saturday to you.




flower decorating for spring

Happy Easter rock star.

I hope your day is full of sunshine and flowers.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.

And still give faith a fighting chance.

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I truly, truly, truly hope you dance.Continue reading