I drifted off to sleep last night with visions of yardsaling in my head.

You know.

The kind where you follow the signs that say BIG MULTI-FAMILY yard sale and you show up and they have an entire stash of milk glass sitting on a card table without price tags.

You try to turn away and avert  your eyes and tell yourself you have shelves full of milk glass at home and that you told yourself last yardsaling day that there was a moratorium on milk glass purchases.  You stroll around looking at old Christmas lights and wondering if they would look cute on the pergola and find some plastic urns you could spray paint and try to decide if you need sunglasses that have a pink flowers that sparkle on top of them.

And then in a burst of curiosity you ask how much the milk glass is.

Not that you’re going to buy it.

There’s a moratorium going on after all.

And the lady shrugs and looks confused as if she has no idea what milk glass is and tells you an aunt gave it to her and she has way too much of it and would $1.00 a piece be too much?  And right then and there something comes over you and you find yourself driving away with boxes of $1 milk glass in the back seat laughing all the way to your butler’s pantry.

But now it’s morning and it’s raining.

I’ll have to save my $1 for another day. :)Continue reading



just living is not enough one must have sunshine freedom and a little flower

Good morning sunshine.

Just in case you were wondering, I think I finally got all the pink out of my hair.

Good thing.

I’m off to speak on the main stage at the Country Living Fair this morning with the mini-thistles who I promised to take shopping after the event to places that don’t sell milk glass or vintage screen doors or shutters or random frames that you can transform into a chalkboard.

Places that rhyme with Forever 21 and the Gap.

If you happen to be in the Lebanon, TN area, I’ll be on the main stage from 12:00-1:00, right before the creative amazing couple from the new HGTV show, Hometown.

PS  I might not have pink hair, but I’ll have red lipstick. :)Continue reading



farmhouse front porch

This has been a fun week.

We’ve had out of town company and built a pergola in the side yard and watched six baseball games and discovered what vocal fry is and talked about what happens when a tree falls in the yard and how to totally fake clean your house in 14 minutes.

And somewhere between the catches in the outfield and figuring we needed cement for the pergola, I discovered something.

My house is almost ready for summer.

But me?

Not so much.

So I’m drinking extra water and I think I scheduled broccoli for supper.

I’ll keep you posted. :)Continue reading

Thistlekeeping (and a Giveaway)

Thistlekeeping (and a Giveaway)


despite the forecast, live like it's spring

(psssst….if you’re looking for the giveaway….it’s at the end)

I’m not sure when painting a room became my favorite thing in the world next to being a mom.

Maybe it’s the transformation.

Maybe it’s the slate wiped clean thing.

Maybe it’s because when you swipe that roller or brush that brush across a surface, you can see change right before your eyes.

Whatever the reason, my red lipstick and I are spending today in paint heaven.

We are in the process of completely making over our local community center and painting the trim and the walls and the spaces and adding furniture and planting flowers.

Now if I could just keep it out of my messy bun. :)Continue reading




to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow


Thistlekeeping on a Monday.

Say it isn’t so.

What is this world coming to?

Next thing you know we will all be painting our upholstered furniture and making pillows out of flour sacks and covering our walls with pallets. :)

I’ve been traveling and couldn’t get the post out on Saturday, so I thought it might make a Monday a little brighter.

Mondays can be tough.

So here’s a little bit of sunshine for today.Continue reading



life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful

Sunday nights have been tough around here.


I mean Masterpiece is really trying.  They ended Downton Abbey and then to try and make it up to us they gave us like a Downton Abbey the remix and Downton Abbey at an awards show and the best of Downton Abbey the review.

And as many times as they repackage Downton Abbey, just between us…

….it hasn’t been the same.

But I think things may be looking up.

You might want to tune into PBS this Sunday, because I just saw that Mr. Selfridge is back in town. :)Continue reading



Spring Decor

Whatever happened to food just being what it is?

Have you noticed that food is evolving?

What is going on?

Hamburgers are becoming tacos.

Cookies are becoming banana splits.

Chips are becoming dill pickles.

Tacos are becoming chicken sandwiches.

And chips are becoming dill pickles.

I miss the days when a cookie was just known for its chocolate chips. :)Continue reading




I spent yesterday in Nashville planning and hoping and dreaming and I’m so excited to tell you about the Designer’s Showcase in October.

I’m part of the design team for House for Hope.  It’s a modern farmhouse being constructed by a local builder and they have assigned rooms to different designers and I have the upstairs game room over the garage.

And after they build it and I design it and decorate it and it goes on tour in October of this year, the house will be sold and the profits will be used to help local organizations.

And so of course, I want to bring it.

Bring it like it’s never been brung before.

Mike drop.

That’s where you come in.  I’m looking for unique ideas and projects and built-ins you might have done or seen before.  Nothing is off-limits.  The more incredible the better.  I want to dream big with this room and create a game room that stops them in their tracks so let’s discuss any ideas you may have in the comments.

I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me.

Here’s to building big and designing and dreaming up the most amazing game room ever. :)Continue reading