Someone once told me that one of the secrets to eating healthy is preparing ahead.

So I thought I would try it.

We had a basketball game last night and I knew I would want popcorn.  To me, basketball and popcorn go together like peanut butter and jelly and thunder and lightening and bread and butter.

And leg warmers and Aqua Net hairspray.

Popcorn isn’t really on the healthy list they way they make it at the ballgame.

So prepared ahead and brought a bag of broccoli instead.

I thought I could crunch it and pretend like it was popcorn.


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heart rocks valentines day

Happy almost Valentine’s Day sunshine.

I love a day that’s all about love.

Just in case you needed a love story to kick off your day, here are a few of my very favorite for you and your coffee.

Once Upon a First Date

Dear Abby and the Mirror

Love and Lee Press-On Nails

The Kiss of a Lifetime

And just in case love stories make you roll your eyes, here’s a little inspiration for your weekend. :)Continue reading



spring porch decorating flowers

Happy day.

How about some flowers with your morning?

In no particular order, here’s my favorite things about Saturday.

1.  That moment when you open your eyes and the sun is peeking out from behind the horizon and you think you overslept but then you realize it’s Saturday.

And you slide back under the covers.

2.  It’s the perfect project day.  Nothing says Saturday like a morning run to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

3.  Or when you run out of projects or you’re kind of over them and they seem all intimidating and overwhelming, it’s the perfect Hallmark movie marathon day.

4.  But my favorite thing about Saturday?  It’s Saturday.

Enough said.

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Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning.

1.  I just saw a commercial that said bobby pins were out of style.  Say it isn’t so.

2. Best laundry tip ever.  I added those scented beads to the last load of clothes.  The entire house smells like a meadow.

3.  I’m going to make healthy choices today.  I may or may not say that every morning, but I thought if I told you, I would stick to it.

4.  I had no idea how little I knew about anything until I had middle school girls.

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winter scene

This was the view out of my front door last night.

Hello snowmagedon.

It was really pretty and romantic and sweet and snowy and Pride and Prejudice like….

….for about five minutes.


Until we tried to pull out of the drive way to get milk and bread and realized that our four-wheel drive was stuck and spinning its wheels.

And then all of a sudden a sentence I never imagined I would ever say came out of my mouth.

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Random thoughts on a cold about to be basketball watching Saturday.

1.  Tulips are my jam.

2.  I just signed on for an amazing project in Nashville in the fall.  I’ll give you a hint.  It involves designing and a house and ceilings.

3.  I want to break up with January.

4.  Why does coffee taste so much better in a mug that’s monogrammed?

5.  I mentioned I found the best polka dot bobby pins and then forgot to tell you about them.  They are called Jane Tran and you can get them online.

6.  I tried an experiment yesterday.  I smiled at random people to see if they would smile back.

Most of the time they did.

And when they didn’t.  I kept smiling anyway.

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winter wonderland field

Did anyone else get a Fitbit for Christmas?

I didn’t know that much about them until every seventh grader in a 125 mile radius decided they wanted one.

Apparently Fitbits are a thing.

The goal is to get 10,000 steps before the end of the day and now everyone around here is racing and jumping and running in place and walking the halls just to get to 10,000 steps first.

I had no idea a band could turn you into a marathoner.

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winter farmhouse n snow with a red door

Random thoughts on an after Christmas morning.

1.  Our house doesn’t look like this now.

It’s hot here.

Like this snow would melt in five minutes kind of hot.

2.  I went to see the movie Joy yesterday.  I’d give it a seven.  The story is great.  But it’s slow going.

3.  Remind me next year to put red lipstick on before family photos.

4.  And I can’t WAIT.  Like capital letter wait… show you the family handmade presents from this year.

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