Celebrating Everyday Life

Celebrating Everyday Life


Have you ever met Jennifer before?

I am so lucky to call her friend.

She is amazing.


Actually….she is a way better word than amazing….a word like stupendous or extraordinary or stupefying.

Or something even better than those.

I’m telling you….Webster’s needs to give her a word.

Just for her.


I remember this mom once when the twins were in Kindergarten.

She made Pilgrim’s collars for all the Pilgrims in the play and hand painted all the sets and made a turkey completely out of fruit skewers and hand-sewed her daughter’s clothes and brought homemade cookies to class….just because.

We were all a little in awe of her.

I mean….seriously…..cookies….just because?

Who does that?

Jennifer would…..

…..except her cookies would be monogrammed. :)


And now Jennifer just started an on-line magazine called…..Celebrating Everyday Life.

And it’s stupendous.

And stupefying.

And simply amazing.

You can click here to take a sneak peek.

206 glorious pages of amazing recipes and hand-crafted gifts and rooms that will make you smile.

It’s the kind of magazine that you need a cup of coffee for.

Good thing I’m a coffee drinker. :)


PS  The same concept applies to hot tea and Diet Coke. :)

PPS  Click here to subscribe.  (Note….right now you can only subscribe if you have an ipad….she’s working on a version for Kindle and Nook and other readers  that will be ready soon).

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