Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame

Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame


craft room organization

True fact:  I’m not an organizer….

….I just play one on the blog. :)

You see….when you write a blog….your rooms always look tidy and neat and organized and clean.

Not a thing out of place.

Of course they are.

Because they only have to be clean for a moment to take a picture and if you forget to dust or vacuum or wipe away the cobwebs….

….there’s always photo shop.  :)

For example….when I went to photograph the craft room at the gatehouse it looked like this…..

craft room gatehouse


I mean….the nerve of people actually using the craft room.

Messing it up with all that imagination and creativeness and crafty displays of brilliance.

People painting and cutting and pasting and drawing.

craft room

And playing craft store.

With a Barbie cash register and shopping bags and special gift cards.

I’m not sure who was shopping…..

.…but I hope they like glitter and drawings of houses and tiny pieces of paper. :)

chalkboard with cork board frame project

So if your craft room needs to be organized….like mine does…here’s an easy idea with a fun new product I found at SNAP.

I first saw it in the Elmer’s booth and immediately envisioned about 25 different projects with it and stood in the booth and waved my hands around and told anyone who would listen how amazing it was.

cork foam board

It’s a cork on a foam board.

I know….right?  Are the projects forming in your head?

Monograms and patterned walls and basket labels and bookshelf backing and chargers for the table and a cork table top and on and on and on.

And then….just when life was already amazing enough….

chalkboard foam board

It comes in chalkboard, too.

What will they think of next?

And here’s the perfect project using both of them.

chalkboard with a cork board frame diy project

Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame


Elmer’s Cork Foam Board

Elmer’s Chalkboard Foam Board

hot glue gun

scroll saw

paper for template



Step 1:  Start with the cork foam board

I created an easy template to create a scroll pattern on the cork board.

You could create any pattern you want.  For example, if the scroll was a little too fancy for your craft room, you might just trace a rectangle on the reverse side of the cork.

cork foam board project

Step 2:  Cut out the template

I cut a smaller template (as shown) on a piece of cardstock.  Then, I traced it onto the reverse side of the cork.

You will need 3 of the smaller sections (the 6” sections) for the 20” side.

Cut out of card stock.

You will need 4 of the larger sections (the 7” sections) for the 30” side.

Cut out of card stock.

cork board diy project

Step 3:  Trace the template

Start 1 1/2” in from each corner and line up the individual pieces of template and trace.

foam cork board project

Here’s the completed pattern and you can see where I measured in from the corner to line up the first piece of the template.

After you have traced the entire pattern, cut it out with a scroll saw.

chalkboard with cork board frame

Then hot glue it to the piece of chalkboard and hang it up.

It’s amazing because it’s so light weight and the cork is so thick because of the foam board.

Perfect for the craft room of an organized person….

….and even one who plays one on a blog. :)


I wanted to give a big shout out to Elmer’s for sponsoring the DIY session I’m going to be teaching at the Becoming Conference in about three weeks.

We will be making three projects for the home in the session….but I wanted to create another project with the chalkboard and cork foam board for the blog.

If you are going to the conference and the session….we are going to have so much fun and I can’t wait to meet you!   If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet and you want to go….I think there are a few tickets left.  You can click here to order.

Can’t wait to create together!

disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Elmer’s, but all opinions on products and organization and craft rooms are completely my own.  

Please see my disclosure statement for more information.

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