Christmas Family Room 12 Days of Christmas Day 10

Christmas Family Room 12 Days of Christmas Day 10

Family Room Christmas Chalkboard

Somewhere between the Christmas decorating and the wreath making and popping popcorn….

… son turned thirteen.

A teenager.


The transformation was almost instantaneous.   He  just started sauntering around the house……nodding in response to most questions and reducing his vocabulary to words like “cool” and “great” and “thanks.”

And flipping his hair.

He is all about that hair.

It’s his crowning glory.

He brushes it and styles it and lets it casually droop over one eyebrow….just waiting to be flipped with a shake of his head.




The other day he came home from school….tossed his backpack on the counter and sighed a deep sigh of teenage distress.

“Mom,” he said with a toss of his head.  “You are never going to believe what happened at school today.”

“Hmmmm?” I responded in a distracted manner as I continued to hot glue pipe cleaners together.

I have developed relative immunity to dramatic stories of teenage angst.


Family Room Thistlewood


“Mom….are you listening to me?”  he asked.

“This girl started following me around at school today.  And then she kept walking by my locker with her friends and giggling and staring at me.  And then one of her friends came up and told me that she liked me.

Did you hear me?”

And  the story spilled out in a rush of words and true dramatic flair….each sentence punctuated by a toss of the head.

And a swing of his bangs.

“Oh no,” I said sympathetically….trying not to laugh.  “All those girls trying to talk to you.  It sounds really terrible.”

“I know….right?” he sighed.


Felt Trees


“And then….” he continued.

“You haven’t even heard the worst of it.  Another girl stopped me before I got on the bus and told me that she liked me”  he groaned.

“Can you even believe it?”

And with that he plopped down on the couch in a pose of abject despair.


Merry Mantel


I put down my pipe cleaners and my glue and gave him my complete and undivided attention.

“This sounds like a lot of challenge in one day,” I said with all the seriousness I could muster.  “What did you do?”

He just stared at me and rolled his eyes.

Then he swung his hair a few more times and said, “Really, Mom?  I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know what to say to so I just walked away.”

Stocking with monograms

“I’m not really sure about all these girls.  But I do know one thing.”  he said.

“What?” I responded as I turned back to my project.

“I think that girls giggle a lot.” he said earnestly.

“And that they are always getting their friends to say stuff for them.

And I learned…..” and he paused and swung his bangs again for dramatic emphasis.  “I learned that…..

…..this hair is lethal.”


Teenage self-confidence at its finest.


And now I’m going to have to stop hot gluing pipe cleaners and enlarge all the door frames…..

…..just to make sure his super-sized teenage ego fits through them. :)

PS  Look what just came in the mail!

I laughed so hard that tears were running down my face.

My wonderful, incredible friend, Kim sent me these in the mail after she read this story.

Isn’t she the absolute best!

Afterall….nothing says Christmas like a one-legged gingerbread man. :)


Gingerbread Men

See you tomorrow for Day 11!

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