DIY Side Table

DIY Side Table


If you are reading this post today….I’m here at Haven (the blogging conference).

If you are reading this post on Friday at 10:00 am….I’m about to speak.


I think I’m ready.

I mean….I have a kind of funny story to start off with and I brought the most amazing pair of earrings and I bought some new red lipstick and my toes are painted with the cutest pink polish.

Oh….and I figured out what I’m going to say about how to build your blog.


Now….if I could just get my knees to stop shaking….it just might work out.

I’ll keep you posted. :)


Before I left for Haven I created this table on a budget.

I’m talking…..a real budget.

Like $12.88 kind of budget.


Can you even believe it?

This table started out life as a picture frame and a Wal-Mart table…..

…..and ended with “happily ever after.” :)

Here’s how I made it:


DIY Side Table


$12.88 side table from Wal-Mart (you can find it in the furniture section)

2 square picture frames

8 eyes

8 hooks

small length of chain

2 x 2 board

black spray paint


Step 1:  Cut 2 x 2′s to fit 

Measure distance between bottom of the two table legs.

Cut two 2 x 2′s to fit space.

Attach 2 x 2 between the two table legs with screws.


Here’s a close-up of the 2 x 2′s.

The idea is to create two square sides.


Step 3:  Prepare picture frames

Remove glass and backing from picture frames until just the square remains.


Step 4:  Attach hooks

Attach a hook to the center of each side of the picture frame.


Step 5:  Attach eyes

Attach an eye to each of the four sides of the square side of the table.

Make sure to measure to find the center of each side.


Step 6:  Attach chain

Cut a length of chain to fit between the eye and the hook on each side.

Adjust the chain so it is taut.

Spray paint the chain, eyes, hooks and 2 x 2′s black.


It’s such an easy project.

And I was so happy that it turned out just like I pictured it.

Here’s hoping the speech does too. :)

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