Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas



I forgot to tell you…..t’s beauty tip day on the blog.


Now….I do have to preface the whole beauty tip day with the disclaimer that… lipstick aside….I’m not really your beauty tip girl.

I’m your paint color girl.

Or your paint stick table top girl.

Or your bathroom decorating ideas girl.


This whole beauty tip thing is a first.


I’m actually a little nervous.

I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s because the last beauty tip I gave involved Aqua Net and Lee Press-On Nails.

But then I thought….I could tell you my tips and maybe you would tell me your tips and we could start  a whole beauty-tip-a-palooza.

So here goes.

Beauty tips… of charge. :)



Beauty tip #1:  How to get your hair super shiny

Have you ever noticed that when your hair has been processed and highlighted and then you try to deep condition it to make all those little stray hairs go away and then you get this film all over your hair and it looks dull and not shiny so you apply extra hairspray to try to make it look better…..that it ends up looking totally not healthy?

Am I the only one?

Next time….try this homemade apple rinse.

It’s made up of tiny little bits of apples and apple cider vinegar and water that combine to take all the hairspray and conditioner and gels right off your hair.

Your hair feels light and airy and bouncy and fresh and clean.


Who knew?


Beauty tip #2:  The best foundation

I’m not a big foundation wearer.

Most of the time I put on red lipstck…a little mascara…big earrings and sunglasses and call it a day.

Until I found Rimmel Match Perfection.

I don’t know the people at Rimmel.

But if I did….I would bake them cookies and write them a song and have another child just so I could name it Rimmel.

It is like joy in a bottle.

It’s smooth and not too creamy and your skin looks like it just had a vacation in the Caribbean.

And it’s only $4.97.

You’re welcome.


Beauty tip #3:  Curl your hair with a flat-iron

Am I the last person to figure this out?

All that time I spent flat ironing the hair and then trying to curl it with a curling iron.


Just twist your new apple washed hair around the flat-iron and pull straight down.

It makes your hair look so 2013.

And when I squinted my hair almost looked like someone from a really good country video.



This weekend in between all those beauty treatments I managed to add a little yellow to the bathroom.

And make some yellow wreaths and paint a stool and make a pillow.

And paint these numbered tin vases.

My bathroom and I have never looked so good. :)

PS  Don’t even get me started on the sugar scrub for your hands from Williams Sonoma. :)


PS  The Chapel Market is just around the corner in October!

Stop by Layla’s today to check out some of our finds!


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