Magnolia Leaf Christmas Tree

Magnolia Leaf Christmas Tree



Can we still be friends…..if I tell you that every tree on this porch came from Dollar General?


On sale.

Bottom of the barrel in the Christmas tree buying hierarchy.

I didn’t really have high expectations when I bought the trees.  At the time…..I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with them.  It’s just really hard to pass up a Christmas sale on extremely under-priced greenery.


Christmas Ornament


I lugged 7 boxes of Christmas trees home that day.

Remember the “I’m a stuff-a-holic” post?

And how I had a little problem with buying multiples of things and how I wasn’t ever going to buy more than I really needed ever again and how I was going to be content with just one of something?

Well….this was before all that.

Christmas Dining area


Eventually those trees ended up on the screened-in-porch.

They weren’t really even fit to be inside anymore.  The trees kept dropping needles and were scraggly and lumpy and bumpy and full of holes after you put all the branches in.

They were trying so valiently to live up to the moniker “Christmas tree”…..and failing miserably.

Bless their little evergreen hearts.

Christmas Clock

And as I stared at those pitiful evergreen branches….I had an idea.

Scraggly trees with holes need a burst of life.

A burst of greenery.

Why not stuff them with fresh magnolia?

Magnolia Christmas trees


The trees are outside on the porch.

It’s cold so the magnolia will stay fresh longer.

And the best part…..the fresh magnolia is free and abundant.

The perfect combination for a bargain shopper.




So I clipped fresh magnolia and stuffed and fluffed and then stuffed some more.   Then hung a few ornaments and tags and ribbons and snowflakes.

It was amazing.

The magnolia made the trees look they never even saw the inside of a dollar general.

Like they graduated magna cum laud from an ivy league university.

And got an all-expenses paid scholarship to medical school.


Table Display Christmas


I love my magnolia covered bargain basement trees….because they are….well…..because they’re so me.

Sometimes people think I’m fancy.

But I’m not.

Not really.

I’m just a non-fancy girl with a porch full of scraggly bless-their-hearts Dollar General  trees…..

…..and a whole lot of Christmas imagination. :)


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