Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas

Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas



Tablescape Ideas

Summer Tablescape

Do you ever wonder if the table always looks like this?

If the silver is always shined and the glassware always sits immaculately next to the square silver chargers layered with white ware and sparkling silver chandelier plates.



Not even close.


Fall Tablescape

You see….there’s too much action around here for milk glass and orange flowers and black chargers to stay in place.

Last night… I stood in the kitchen in the middle of the general melee’….

….two children rushed past me with a notebook and sunglasses and promptly ran and hid behind the kitchen island.

I didn’t even ask why.

I didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

I never paused to glance their way.

I just stood there…..thinking about fall decorations and tablescape ideas and trying to decide if I could make trees for the table out of acorns…..or if acorns were too heavy and maybe I should use birch bark instead.


Spring Tablescape

“Mom….hey mom” whispered my son from the other side of the island.

I didn’t answer.

There was no need.

They would explain eventually.

Instead….I spent the next minute thinking that maybe the trees should be made out of tiny pieces of pine cone….decorated with glitter.

“Mooooooom…..hey…….don’t tell anyone we are here.  We are playing Prank Wars,”  he whispered again.


Prank wars?


On a Monday night?

Tree Centerpiece

Winter Tablescape

I started to ask about Prank Wars and who was involved and what it meant and why did they have a notebook and why were they wearing sunglasses…..

…and were any of the bedrooms still standing?

But before I form a sentence….my son stood up….motioned to his sister….and together they started silently gliding slowly out of the room.

“You never saw us…..we were never even here,” he whispered to me with a nod of his head.

I nodded back.

And as they turned to leave….he said in all seriousness….“Oh…and one more thing Mom…..if you see a mattress coming downstairs….

…..don’t pay any attention to that either.”

I didn’t move.

I didn’t say anything.

Those kind of things don’t even phase me anymore.

And besides….there were table decorations for the fall to think of…..

….maybe trees made out of monogrammed burlap are the way to go. :)


PS   If you need a little more tablescape ideas…be sure to check out my post over at Lamps Plus today!

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