Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Guest Bedroom Christmas

I love happy endings.


They are my absolute favorite.

There is nothing better.

Well….except an entire Thanksgiving weekend with the Hallmark channel and the happily-ever-after marathon.


Stockings Christmas


You know…..the happily-ever-after Christmas movies…..where the girl is a rich spoiled brat and then she reads the letter to Santa that just happens to drift to her feet and she ends up working in a soup kitchen because this really cute guy…..who is a snow plower by night and the mastermind behind the soup kitchen by day…..just happens to be the father of the little girl who wrote the letter.

And then….the rich spoiled brat falls in love with the snow plower….and realizes that she doesn’t want to be rich or spoiled or fashion forward any more…..but to her great chagrin….he happens to have a really stuck-up rather annoying girlfriend.

Then at the last minute….the snow-plower realizes that love was right beneath his nose the entire time.


And the formerly rich spoiled brat and the snow plower and the little letter writer…..all live happily ever after.

Those kind of movies.


Christmas Skates


This was Christmas decorating weekend.

And there is nothing better to keep a Christmas decorator company…..than a happily-ever-after-marathon.

After the stockings were hung and the trees were decorated and the twinkling lights were brought out from the recesses of the 31st Christmas box….somewhere around the 17th movie……

 …..one of the twins turned to me and whispered with a voice of great authority, “I know how this is going to end.”

Christmas Pillows


Really?” I whispered.  ”You do?

Yep,” she replied earnestly.

I’ve seen this before.  There’s always three people….like two boys and a girl or two girls and a boy.  And one of the extra people is always bad.

Guest Bedroom Chair


She paused for great emphasis and continued.

Mom…..and then the person always figures out that the bad person isn’t very nice and the two good people get together.  And all the movies are like that….except sometimes they are in a city and sometimes they are riding motorcycles or sometimes they can even be Hawaiian.”

And with that dramatic pronouncement….she turned back to the movie….just in time to see the spoiled rich girl turn over a new leaf and save the homeless shelter.


Armoire Guest Bedroom


I went and hung the wreath on the front door and smiled.

And realized how thankful I was for Christmas movies.

And stockings and ornaments and tinsel and magnolias and glitter and stars and reindeer.

And happily-ever-afters.

And for an American education system that had provided my ten-year-old daughter with enough discernment to figure out a Hallmark movie.


Christmas Guest Bedroom


May your day be merry and bright and full of happily-ever-afters.

And be sure to check your local listings tomorrow night….

 …..I heard there’s a rebroadcast of the tumultuous drama at the soup kitchen :)

PS  Partying over at Between Naps On A Porch and at Kim’s today.

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