Air Your Clean Laundry

Air Your Clean Laundry



There are days when I like to pretend that Laura Ingalls Wilder lives next door.

In her little house on the prairie.

And she and Mary and Carrie and Grace always stop by to help me get the eggs out of the chicken coop and pick the corn from the garden for supper and milk the cows.

And Charles is always available for anything that requires a wagon and sage advice.

And Caroline Ingalls is always bringing over a peach pie.




And then there are days when I want to buy my eggs and my corn and my milk at Kroger and drive my John Deere lawn mower instead of a wagon and listen to Matt Lauer for sage advice.

And wash my sheets in my high-efficiency washer.


But I always want to go all “Little House in the Prairie” with my sheets.


Have you ever smelled sheets that are hung out on the line?


They will make you believe that all is good and right with the world.


kittens in the basket


I’m not sure if it’s the fresh air.

Or the wind.

Or the sun.

Or little sheet fairies that stop by to sprinkle fairy dust.

But the sheets smell……like fresh grass after it rains and the smell of the warm sun beating down on your face and the smell of the wind on a crisp spring day…..

……all rolled into one.




I love hanging my sheets out to dry…..but I’m not really old school when it comes to laundry on the line.

So I checked with my little house connections (thanks Alice) to get some official advice if you ever want to hang your sheets out to dry.

And here’s a few suggestions:

(1)  If you are hanging whites it is best to hang them in the sun… it definitely whitens them.

(2)  If you are hanging sheets, hang them lengthwise on the line and hang them folded over the line to keep them secure if the wind is blowing. Always put pins on both ends of the sheets and put 2-3 pins in between.



(3)  Always hang towels individually.  This will make them softer and fluffier.  I have seen people hang them double and this makes them stiff.

(4)  Never leave your clothes pins on the line after bringing in the clothes.  They will darken and make marks on the next clothes that you hang out.

……and this was my personal favorite…..

(5)  Never put your clothes line under a tree for obvious reasons.  Birds love white clothes.
You have to try it.


You have to try going all “Little House on the Prairie” with your sheets.

And when your done and you have the wind and the rain and the sun to tuck you in at night…..


……I’ll share a piece of Caroline Ingall’s peach pie with you :)
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