How to Build a Shutter Wall

How to Build a Shutter Wall

farmhouse guest bedroom

A long time ago in a land far away we created this wall in the upstairs guest bedroom tucked under the eves of the attic.

It is still one of the projects that people ask about and pin and send me e-mails full of questions on how to make it.

And I’ve never posted a tutorial on how to build a shutter wall.



Mostly because I just made it up as I went along.



I started by going on a 500 mile yard sale and collecting these along the way.

It took me extra miles because I am extra cheap (or bargain receptive as we like to say around here).

When I started…..I set a budget for myself of less than $5.00/shutter (which was challenging because most of the yard salers were in absolutely in love with their shutters).

I collected about 25 shutters of different sizes and shapes.  I think I even bought a few sets of louvered doors (which was a much better idea because no one was really in love with them).


I started by spray painting them all white.

If they were already white and had extra chips and dents and scrapes…..I just left them like they were.

build a shutter wall

Here’s the finished wall.

You can see which ones are spray-painted and which ones are the original chippy white.  I like the contrast of the two.  It looks authentic and two-toned with layers of color.

Like I planned it all along. :)

(Are you rolling your eyes at me right now)?

building a shutter wall

For those of you who want to create this project with a little more planning…’s a few tips.

1.  Measure the space of your wall.  This wall was 10′ x 8′ feet with a doorway on the left-hand side at the foot of the bed.  We used approximately 25 shutters on this wall.  You can also see the return air vent on the wall.  No worries.  I just acted like it was one of the shutters and built it in to the puzzle.

2.  Lay out the shutters in a random pattern before you put them on the wall.  It’s like a giant puzzle.  Lay some horizontal and some vertical.  Choose different sizes and different widths to make the wall interested.

Please don’t over think it.

Promise me?

There are gaps and spaces in the wall….but no one really notices them.

It’s called character. :)

how to make a shutter wall

3.  We screwed the shutters directly in the wall.  Now….it’s important to note that we have ship lap under our drywall….

… our walls are full of wood.

The wood ship lap makes installing the shutter wall easy.

If you don’t have wood ship lap….you will want to anchor the shutters to make sure the drywall supports them.

You also want to install the shutters with the center louver on the outside.  This will make them all lay flat.

shutter wall

4.  Layer the shutters.

I found several plain shutters at the yard sale that were perfect space holders…..but to make the wall of shutters match I layered them with the smaller louvered shutters.

If there was an extra space that needed to be filled….we simply cut parts of shutters and inserted them into the blank spaces.

shutter wall diy

5.  Allow some wiggle room at the top and the bottom of the shutter wall

Just in case your shutters don’t all align properly….leave a small space at the top and the bottom of the wall.

Then….if you need to add a shutter that’s just a little longer than the others….you can always cover it up with crown molding on the top and base molding on the bottom.

crown molding shutter wall

Here’s the finished wall with the crown molding attached to the top of the uneven wall of shutters and the ceiling.

farmhouse guest bedroom

It took only an afternoon to build the wall.


It is my favorite kind of project because it is so much easier to create than it looks.

The hardest part is finding your shutters.

All you need it a large glass of sweet tea….

…and 500 miles of yard sale. :)


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