How to Build a Sofa Table:  The Easy Way

How to Build a Sofa Table: The Easy Way




Did you wonder what I found on the 400 mile yard sale?

It wasn’t deer antlers.


I was hoping find some and paint them orange.

Maybe next time.

But I found something I wasn’t even looking for.

A sofa table.

Well… wasn’t a sofa table at first.


It started life… this.

A wobbly, scratched up, neglected coffee table.

And some cast-off legs.

Purchase for a grand total of……$14.03.

Around mile 398.


Here’s the after.

I adore it.


It’s a little Brady Bunch sprinkled with a teaspoon of Downton Abbey.

Want to make your own?

Here’s a little step-by-step.


How to Build a Sofa Table

(the easy way)

3M TEKK Protection Safety Glasses


a coffee table

a pair of table legs from another table


3M TEKK Protection Safety Glasses

miter saw


gray paint


Step 1:  Remove coffee table legs

This was really easy to do with this coffee table

All we had to do was unscrew the board the legs were attached to.


Each board was attached to the edge of the table with two screws.

We simply unscrewed these from the edge and detattched the legs.

Then we unscrewed the legs from the board.


Step 2:  Deconstruct the extra set of table legs

We started by unscrewing the board from the top.


Then we sawed off the leg from the top.

We… in this handsome carpenter.

Doesn’t he look so cute.


I made him pose wearing his safety glasses.

And winked at him after I took the picture.


Here’s a close-up to show you where we removed the legs.

The goal was to have the center column to add to the coffee table.


Step 3:  Remove feet from the leg

We knocked off the feet from the bottom of the table leg.

They were attached by mini dowels and really easy to remove.


Step 4:  Attach center column of the extra leg set 

There was a screw already where we had removed the coffee table leg from the table top.

We simply used a drill bit to drill a hole in the center column and attach the two pieces together.


Step 5:  Re-attach the legs to the table top

Here’s what the leg looks like when you are finished.



And it will look even better…..

… the gate house with a pair of orange spray-painted deer antlers hanging above it. :)

Disclosure:  This post is a collaboration with 3M™ TEKK Protection™ Brand, but all words and opinions are my own.

You can also visit 3M DIY on Facebook  and 3M DIY on Twitter for more project inspiration and safety tips!

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