How To Create A Faux Transom Window

How To Create A Faux Transom Window




I fell in love with my kitchen the first time I ever saw it.

When it looked like this.

And I knew….that I knew….that I knew….it was going to be something beautiful.


I really wish I had some more before pictures.

This is the only one I have…..but it’s a good one.  There’s nothing like tiny bits of stripped wallpaper and a bottle of cleaner to make the kitchen look extra pitiful.

But even with wallpaper and cleaners and dark walls and ladders.

I knew.


Remember those after-school-specials?

Remember the one where the girl was not that cute and she was wearing glasses and frumpy clothes with not cute hair and she was super shy.  And she didn’t really have any friends.  And for some reason she was always drawing in a notebook.


Super awkward.

And then one day she was helping the star football player with his homework and he gazed into her eyes….well actually he really gazed into her glasses, but it didn’t matter because he saw beyond those glasses…..

…..and truly saw her for the first time.

He saw her for the true beauty that she was.


Weren’t those ABC after-school-specials just the best?



This kitchen is just like that.

Just like an after-school-special.

When I first saw it….it needed a little TLC.  It had wear and tear and cracked walls and wallpaper and it was one step away from wearing glasses and writing in a notebook.

But I knew that it could be so much more.




And when the dust settled….I think it was the windows that truly won my heart.

So vintage.

So one-of-a-kind.

So ready for a make-over.




When we remodeled the kitchen…..we didn’t have a lot of spare change for windows.

We were adding important things like counter tops and cabinets and light fixtures and faucets.

So we came up with a cost-effective way to make the windows truly shine (absolutely no pun intended).



How To Create a Faux Transom Window


2  4′ x 8′ pine boards

1  48 ” pine board

10 feet of decorative molding

8 feet of crown molding

All characters in one of my favorite after-school-specials ever.


Step 1:  Add the 8 foot boards to either side of the existing window molding.

Step 2:   Fill in between the top of the 8 foot boards with a 44″ piece of 1′ x 4′ pine.

Step 3:  The space on the wall between the pieces of 1′ x 4′ pine boards creates the illusion of a transom over the windows.




Step 4:  Trim the inside of the faux transom with a piece of decorative molding.

Step 5:  Add a piece of crown molding to the top.







There’s no inspiration like a good after-school-special.

Especially the ending.

Like the ending where the quarterback was supposed to meet his stuck-up snobby overly-tanned girlfriend at the dance.  But all of a sudden on the dance floor, the dancers parted and there was the previously shy, notebook-writing, frumpy-haired girl.

Looking like the next super model.


Just like my kitchen  :)

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