How To Decorate for Christmas With What You Have

How To Decorate for Christmas With What You Have



I was going to call this post “how to decorate a room for Christmas in the middle of a snow storm when the closest store is 25 ice covered miles away.”

But that seemed a little long.

And I was totally in the middle of a revelation about Christmas decorating…..where I have the tendency to over-share.

So I thought I would keep it simple and call it….

….”how to decorate with what you have.”


You see….I have a tendency to stroll down the Christmas decorating aisle and see something new and get inspired and let one thing lead to another and redesign all the rooms for Christmas and leave with a cart full of new decorations….

….when I already had boxes and boxes and boxes of holiday cheer at home.


Boxes and boxes.

I mean….seriously….I never met a Christmas decoration at a yard sale…..that I didn’t think could be spray painted into something wonderful.


And so when I started decorating the laundry room…..I determined I was going to work with what I have.

Actually the snow determined it for me….

…..but let’s not get mired down in details. :)

(okay….seriously….just between us… this point are you asking yourself….really….who even decorates the laundry room for Christmas?)

I know.

It’s a little over the top.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never really decorated the laundry room before….but it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the house….and I wanted to put my best foot forward in case a magazine stopped by.


So I wrapped some packages and found this banner I made last year that hung on the family room mantel two years ago and strung it across a wreath.

And added a jingle bell printable.

And stacked packages and hung monogram ornaments from yard sale wreaths circa 2000.

And added marquee numbers and reworked these Christmas trees with red and white ornaments.


And the most amazing thing happened.

Those yard sale decorations and chalkboard tags and wrapping paper and Christmas ornaments came together to create something wonderful.

Something that made my heart smile.

Something I’d never put together before.

Something festive and merry….

…..and beautiful.


There is such a lesson for me in these simple laundry room decorations.




Joy for an attic stacked with boxes of yard sale ornaments.

Joy for a laundry room to decorate.

And joy for a snow storm that helped remind me…that sometimes the greatest gifts….

….were right there all along. :)


PS  I think my favorite decorations in the laundry room….

….are the ones right outside the window. :)

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