$1.04 Wire Cloche

$1.04 Wire Cloche




Things I Wish I Could Tell My 22-year-old self      

#1641     Make a wire cloche.



Don’t blow the candles out on your 23rd birthday cake without a wire cloche on your kitchen counter.

I know you don’t think you need one right now.

I completely understand.

You’re 22.

And you don’t even know what the word “cloche” means.


You have bigger fish to fry.

Like teasing your bangs and spraying aqua net hairspray to make them look all flock of seagulls and wearing high heels with lace socks and fish net tights with holes in them and making sure your shoulder pads resemble a Pittsburg Steelers lineman’s.

And learning every word to “Achey Breaky Heart.”


Important stuff like that.


But the day will come when you will buy an old farmhouse in the middle of no where.

And flock of seagulls and lace socks and fish net tights and shoulder pads will be a thing of the past.

You will straighten your hair and wear fancy flip flops with your painted toes and spend an inordinate amount of time shaping your eyebrows.

And things like chalk paint and yard stick stools and recipe walls and railroad signs and pool noodle wreaths will become really important to you.


And that’s when you can thank me later….because by then….

……your wire cloche will be vintage :)

Chicken Wire Cloche


 Wire Cloche Project

(for the 22-year-old in all of us)



Chicken Wire

Baling Wire

Wire cutters

Needle nose pliers

Crimping tool


Step 1:  Buy chicken wire

I got mine from Lowe’s.

It was $12.99 for 25 feet.  I only used 2 feet to make a cloche, so according to my calculations that makes this cloche a $1.04.


For the money….that is so much better than diet coke from McDonald’s.


Step 2:  Get a pair of gloves

Put them on.

You will need them because chicken wire is sharp.




Step 3:  Cut wire into a sheet

I used a glass cloche that I already had as a guide

You could use a glass cylinder or a 1/2 gallon milk bottle.

My wire sheet was approximately 2 feet long by 18″ high.



 Step 4:  Combine open ends of the wire sheet

Twist open ends together to form a open-ended cylinder.

Another option might be to use small pieces of baling wire to join the two open edges together.



Step 5:  Wire one open end of the cylinder together to form the top of the cloche

Now you have a cylinder with two open ends.

One of the ends will have a finished edge.  That becomes the bottom of the cloche.  Take the unfinished edge at the other end and start wiring together to form a dome.

I used the glass cloche as a guide.

You can shape and form the wire into a dome by working with it until you have it the exact shape you want it.



Step 6:  Form the circle for the top

You can add a finial to the top of the cloche or any other ornamental top you choose.

I think old school is best.

For the top of my wire cloche, I used a piece of wire, shaped into a circle, with another wire wrapped around it for the top.

Then I attached it to the top of the cloche with a wire.



Step 7:  Stand back and admire your $1.04 wire cloche.


It is a true work of art.

Truthfully, you have made this world a brighter place by the addition of another wire cloche.

Then give yourself a high five….pat yourself on the back….and tell your 22-year-old-self to stay tuned….


…..Billy Ray Cyrus has much cuter hair in 2012 :)

PS  I was inspired to make this project from this pin on my pinterest boards.


PS. I am partying over at Between Naps On a Porch.

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