How To Make a Burlap Bow

How To Make a Burlap Bow


Yesterday I  bought Bok Choy.



I know that has absolutely nothing to do with how to make a burlap bow….but I really like to work my Bok Choy purchase into conversation.

You see….yesterday I started trying to eat healthy.


It’s a big stretch for someone who eats gas station pizza and Pringles and the leftover piece of Chicken McNugget and two french fries from the Happy Meal.

But the thing about me….is I just can’t do anything half-way.

So I deleted the gas station number from my phone…..kissed the Pringles can goodbye and filled my grocery cart with carrots and celery and cucumbers and lettuce and tomatoes and zucchini and apples and oranges and bananas…..

….and Bok Choy.

I have no idea how to eat it.

I have no idea how to cook it.

I just really like to say it and talk about it and mention casually to random people in the aisles of Wal-Mart that I’m buying it.

I’ll keep you posted on my Bok Choy journey.


How To Make a Burlap Bow

(otherwise known as what I was doing instead of cooking Bok Choy)



Burlap Ribbon 

Florist Wire


Step 1:  Find your ribbon

I know.


I added this step because there are so many different types of burlap ribbon.  Wired, non-wired, big, small, medium, printed, colored.  The burlap ribbon makers are working overtime.

For this project, I selected a really big ribbon with a small print on it.  The bigger ribbon makes it so much easier to make a bow that’s fluffy and looks so much harder to make than it actually is.

Just my burlap ribbon .02.

make-bows (2)

Step 2:  Fold ribbon

Decide how wide you want your bow to be and fold the ribbon halfway.

The end of the ribbon is where the center of your bow will be.


Step 3:  Continue folding the ribbon

Each time you make a fold….make it just a little smaller than the previous fold.

Cut last fold of ribbon so it ends in the center.

For ribbon as large as the one I selected….I usually make three folds.

If your ribbon is smaller, you will want to make more folds to make the bow fluffier.


Step 4:  Wrap florist wire

In the center of the folds, wrap a piece of florist wire around the burlap.

Tie it off as tightly as you can.


Step 5:  Wrap center

Wrap the center of the bow with a piece of burlap and fasten at the back of the bow.

Make sure you cut it long enough so that the bow has “tails” after you wrap the center.


Step 6:  Fluff

This is my favorite part.

This is the part where the bow comes alive.

You twist the folds this way and that….until you have the exact look you want.

The wonderful thing about burlap is because it is so thick….it holds its shape really well.


Burlap bows really are amazing.

I have them all over the house…..on wreaths or mantels or vases or pillows or slip covers.

Burlap and Bok Choy.

Me and my new healthy self are going to be the talk of the county. :)

For even more burlap inspiration….check out the rest of my burlap projects here.


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PS  I get asked all the time which is the best ribbon to make the bow.  Here’s a link to some inexpensive burlap ribbon that would be perfect (please note this is an affiliate link):

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