How To Make a Paper Feather Wreath

How To Make a Paper Feather Wreath



Remember the time that I wanted to make a book page wreath….but I couldn’t bring myself to cut the pages of the book…..

… I made it from scrapbook paper instead.


I promise you….not a page of a book was harmed in the making of this wreath.

You see….I had the idea for the wreath and the book open to a page ready to cut the feathers out.  I was cutting them out from top to bottom on the page because I thought it might be fun to read the story as it went around the wreath….

…but something stopped me.

I looked at the book….and the open pages looked right back at me.

As if to say….

….girl.….have mercy….there aren’t too many of us left.


It was a beautiful old book….you know….the kind that’s perfect for this kind of project.  The pages were faded with a sort of patina and character that has stood the test of time.

And so the scissors paused in mid-air….rebelling with dramatic emphasis as if they couldn’t have the demise of a book on their hands.

I know it’s silly.

I’m kind of laughing as I’m writing it.

You are probably rolling your eyes at me right now and thinking about sending me all the books you have collecting dust that would love to be made into wreaths.

And you’re probably right…..

….as usual.  :)


So just in case you are jumping onto the book-saving bandwagon with me….Hobby Lobby has this paper for .58 each.

Which brings your total for the project under $5.00.

Even less if the paper goes on sale.

And here’s instructions to make your own.


How to Make a Paper Feather Wreath




look-alike book page paper

grapevine wreath

hot glue



Step 1:  Trace the outline of the size of feathers you want

Cut out feathers.

There are about 40 feathers on this wreath.

Be as random as possible with the feathers….don’t try to cut perfectly.

Double or triple or quadruple your paper to make the project go even faster.

Next….cut slanted lines along the edge of the feathers.


Step 2:  Crinkle edges of the feathers

This step is what transforms your paper into feathers.

The more you crinkle and fold back the edges….the more feather-like your wreath will be.


Step 3:  Hot glue the first layer of feathers to the wreath

Make sure all your feathers are going the same direction.

Space them evenly and continue until you have feathers going all the way around the wreath.

Continue to add layers of feathers until you get the feather density you desire.


Step 4:  Hang it up on a garden fence in front of a lot of milk glass

This garden gate had been buried under snow.

I left it in the yard and forgot about it…..

….until the snow melted and there it was extra snow and ice character and all.

After you put it on the gate….you will want to crinkle the edges of the feathers even more.

My assistant took care of that task. :)


So happy the dining room has a new wreath.

So happy there’s such a thing as scrapbook typography.

So happy the sun was shining and the skies were blue and the grass was almost green.

So happy that the books survived ….

….with their tales intact. :)

hee hee


PS  Someone mentioned the other day that they’ve never seen my husband on the blog.

Until today. 

I told him to smile….

….like we had finished all the projects. :)

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