How To Make a Topiary

How To Make a Topiary


I love a good project…..a topiary project.

Actually….I love making a good topiary project and telling you all about it.

If you lived next door…..I would be knocking right now….holding  my coat hanger topiary and a pitcher of sweet tea.

Especially if you were grilling hamburgers.


It’s not the talking about the project and the pictures and the showing and the telling you all about it that is challenging for me.

It’s the step-by-step instructions.


You see….I’m not really that good at them.


I want to be.


If we had a giant blog yearbook and we could all vote on superlatives, I would want to be voted “Most Likely To Write a Step-By-Step Post.”

You see…..I have pin board after pin board of carefully detailed projects.  Each step photographed, numbered and explained down to the most minute detail by people who know so much more about step-by-step-project writing than I could ever hope to learn if I blogged for the next 500 years.

And when I pull up those projects on the pin boards and start to re-create them….my mind starts wandering… eyes glaze over and I drift off for a  moment to give a silent salute to the brilliant individual responsible for the Picmonkey collage.

I just want jump from the before to the after….with only a nod to the in-between.

And I end up next door eating hamburgers and drinking sweet tea.  :)


How to Make a Topiary From a Coat Hanger


(from before to after with a valiant attempt at a lot of in-betweens)


Step 1:  Find some wire coat hangers.

And some ivy.

Straighten out the curved end of the coat hanger to a point (this is the end you will put into the dirt).


Step 2:  Take coat hanger and stretch the ends into a diamond.

Re-form the diamond into a circle.

Or as close to a circle as you can get.

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect….the ivy will hide all the edges.

BTW….if this were a perfect world….this would be a brown coat hanger.

A real step-by-step person would have thought of that detail before taking all the pictures.

Repeat step 2 to make two circles.


Step 3:  Wrap green florist twine around the base of the two circles.

Wrap tightly until they are fastened together.


Step 4:  Twist circles and fasten

Twist the two coat hanger circles until they form a sphere.

Fasten at the top with florist wire.


Step 5:  Remove all questionable leaves (as shown in the perfect step-by-step photo).

Put ivy in an urn or other similar container.

Make sure the container is cute.

Unwritten step-by-step rule #146:   Not-cute containers are not allowed in coat hanger topiary projects.

Step 6:   Insert coat hanger into ivy.

Step 7:  Wrap tendrils of ivy around both coat hangers.  Keep wrapping until coat hangers are covered.



That was a little exhausting.

All that step-by-stepping.

I think it was worth it.

Maybe now……

… topiary and I will make the yearbook. :)

PS  Here’s a great tip to keep your ivy extra healthy and growing!

PPS  Sharing this idea over at Kim’s today!

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