I Wish You Would Have Been There

I Wish You Would Have Been There



Yesterday I Twittered my way through 359 miles of vintage silver and milk glass and antique furniture and Christmas decorations and bicycles and junk…..oh….the junk.

And I tweeted all about it because I wanted you to be there with me.

Because I know you would have laughed when we saw that man pushing a dog in the stroller.

And I know we would have sighed when we saw that incredibly overpriced architectural piece that would have been perfect in my bathroom and that I know I should have gotten….but I was way too cheap.  And I really wish you would have been there because I know.

I know.

I just know you would have convinced me to buy it.



And I know that our hearts would have raced when we saw this sign.

“Yard sale in a barn.”


That’s what we would have said to ourselves.

Is there ever a better sign anywhere?

And the car would have screeched to a halt.



And we would have followed these arrow signs.

And then we would have said that this must be an incredible yard sale if the arrow signs showing us where to go were this cute.

And while we were walking up to the sale…..you would have been telling me that you just knew that there were shutters in that barn.

Because it did look like the type of barn where there should be stacks and stacks of shutters.

Because of course we both would know that the main goal of going on this 400 mile yard sale was to find shutters.

Stacks and stacks of shutters.


This is the year that it’s all about the shutters.



And when there weren’t any shutters in the barn.

You would have consoled me.

You would have told me, “Who likes barn sales anyway?”

And then you would have said, “Seriously.  They were selling the hoods of cars at that place.  I don’t really think they looked like vintage shutter people.”



And we would have left that car hood sale and driven on.

And then…..

Then we would have found that incredible deal on all that milk glass.

And when we saw it we would have been so excited that we jumped up and down and I would have broken my sunglasses.

But I wouldn’t have even cared.  Because who would have cared about sunglasses when all that vintage milk glass was right in front of us.

And then we would have remembered that we really shouldn’t be showing so much excitement over milk glass because there were about 5,976,145 people that were still driving through the 400 mile yard sale and maybe the milk glass people would triple their prices when they saw how excited we were.

And when I would have said, “Who cares about the shutters?  I found all this milk glass.”  You would have agreed with me and told me that shutters were overrated anyway.



And then we would have stopped for water because it was so hot.

And the watermelon samples would have been calling my name.  Because why spend perfectly good money on food when there are watermelon samples.

And you would have told me that you thought there was a limit of only 10 watermelon samples and that people who stood around and mooched off the free samples at the convenience store were just a little shameful.

And I would have been so glad that you were there to save me from my watermelon sample shame.


And we would have turned toward home.

Happy with our vintage silver and our milk glass.


And then….

                                              ……then we would have seen this.



And I would have screamed and said, “Did you see that?”

And you would have told me that you knew all along we were going to find those vintage shutters.

Because that is what an awesome friend you are.

Because that is how much I adore you.

And because that’s what friends do when they Twitter across the 400 mile yard sale.


PS  I need some awesome friends to submit some projects for our new website.

Kelly and I have just started a new website called, A Dustbunny Life because our podcasts needed a home and we want to feature some of your incredibly easy projects.

So stop over here and say hello.

And don’t forget to listen to our latest podcast with the amazing Debbie Doo while you are there.

PPS  I am sharing my 400 mile yard sale journey over at Southern Hospitality today.


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