Imperfect Perfection

Perfection in blogland is everywhere.

Everywhere you look.

With every click of the mouse.


Sometimes when I see rooms like this or this or this done with such effortless perfection, it can be overwhelming.

Overwhelming and so seemingly insurmountable.

And it makes you doubt your heart and wonder.

Wonder…..why did you forget to put a tree skirt under your tree at Christmas?

And wonder why were there pumpkins in your nativity scene?

And wonder why were your Christmas decorations still up when February rolled around?


My brother create this imperfect piece of perfection.

This worn, rusted, piece of iron and wood tells a story.

And it’s story is beautiful.

Imperfect perfection.

I want imperfect perfection to be my story.

I want it to be my voice.

So today, I want to celebrate my imperfections.  I want to celebrate who I am.  And be happy in my heart with my imperfect self….

….and then figure out a way to incorporate those Christmas decorations into my Fourth of July celebration :)

Do you have any imperfections you want to celebrate?

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