It Is Time to Organize

It Is Time to Organize



Just in case you were wondering if my house is still decorated for Christmas….

… is.

Just in case you were wondering if I was wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart yesterday trying to find pine room scents when all they had was wild berry and spring orchid….

...I was.

I’m up to my eyeballs in stockings and advent calendars and pine cones and driftwood snowflakes…..

….because bhg is coming to town next week.

Can I just tell you how much I love typing that sentence?

And just randomly….casually….dropping it into a blog post. :)


Is it wrong to be so excited that you wish you knew how to do a round-off back flip with a Christmas wreath on your head….

….just to greet them when they arrive?


But the other part of my brain that’s not Christmas decorating… organizing.

I mean….it’s January after all.

So in case you are in an organizing mood here’s a fun little project that takes about 5 seconds….

….but will make you smile for days. :)


How to Make a Clock Clip-on Organizer


round wooden discs

medium size clothespins

hot glue

clock printables (you can get them here)


Step 1:  Print off clock faces

My sweet friend Andrea fromThe Cottage Market created these clock faces.

They come in four sizes…..and you can print all four from her website….here.

I used the medium size clock faces.

Print them off on white card stock and then cut out the clock faces.


Step 2:  Glue to wooden discs

Flip over the cut out clock faces and hot glue to wooden discs.

The wooden disc should be slightly smaller than the clock face.


Step 3:  Hot glue clothes pin to wooden disc

Totally self-explanatory step.


Make sure your clock faces have the 12 at the top when you glue.

Much more user friendly.


Here they are in action.

I clipped them to the top of file folders to help organize my day a little better.


And in the middle of deciding that I was ready to stop Christmas decorating and start organizing….I paused for a moment to wonder why they don’t make phones like that any more….

….the cord is so cute. :)

Joss and Main

PS  My Joss and Main sale just went live.

It’s all farmhousey and chippy and distressed and everything that makes a house into a home.

You can check it out here. :)

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