Painted Kitchen Island

Painted Kitchen Island


There are days when I think that what happens behind the scenes……what actually happens here when I write a post…..should be a reality television show.

Not a primetime one….like Survivor or The Apprentice or So You Think You Can Dance.

No…my not-ready-for-primetime-reality series would be on an obscure cable network….like TNT or USA…

… 2:00 in the morning. 

And let me tell you….there would be some fine quality content.

Like me mopping up a dust bunny collection with a random sock I found on the upstairs landing before I took these pictures.

And the 33 un-matching socks that don’t have a home that I edited out of  this picture.

And the cliffhanger where these are still hanging in my trees (albeit without the candles) and birds now are drinking out of them.


Like I said.

Fine quality content.

And if this were a reality show….today’s episode would feature all my crazy shenanigans….where I photographed an entire project I wanted to make for my kitchen island using this tutorial to create this project by judi over at The 1829 Farmhouse .

There would be scenes showing me following each step.

And photographing it.

And even making a Pic Monkey collage out of it for my It’s a Cinch Project today.

And then the camera would pull back to show the look of utter dismay on my face when I pulled back the white pieces of paper that were supposed to transfer the image to the wood top only to discover that….

….it didn’t work.

And I got nada.

No “It’s a Cinch” project.



But this is my reality show.

And I’m not going to let a little failed project stop me.

It’s kind of just like when the contestants on Project Runway had to design a dress using items they purchased from a pet store and one contestant designed an entire dress made out of bird seed…..which looked incredible…..but just as the model was about to head down the runway….the bird seed started falling off.  And then the contestant went all old school and grabbed a glue gun and started immediately gluing the random pieces of the birdseed back onto the dress…..and then the model looked totally amazing and Michael Kors started clapping and screaming “Bird seed dresses are so 2012!”

And the old-school-glue-gun-bird-seed-dress swept the competition.

That is so the moral of this story.

Who needs a fancy transfer project when old school works every time.


Old-School Painted Kitchen Island Project

Number Project

(1)  Print off the large letters and numbers from the computer (size 700/font Aparajita) .

(2)  Cut them out.

(3)  Tape them into place.



(4)  Trace around the letters and numbers with a sharpie.



(5)  Paint the traced letters and numbers.

Try to stay inside the lines.



(6)  Let the letters and numbers dry and then distress them a little with sandpaper.

(7)  And then seal the butcher block with a food safe mineral oil.




I’m telling you.

It works every time.

Old school.

All.  The.  Way.


PS  Stay tuned for the next episode of As Thistlewood Turns for a fun nutrition lesson where I discover hot dog potpie contains all four food groups :)

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