It’s a Sticky Situation

It’s a Sticky Situation

farmhouse-bedroom This was supposed to be an amazing post.


I’d already written it in my head on the way to Wal-Mart.

I was going to tell you all about my new duvet cover that I bought from IKEA for only $19.99 and how much I love crisp white cotton and then you were going to tell me that you loved crisp white cotton duvet covers too…..and then we’d drink our coffee together and discuss how amazing it is when the cotton is new and fresh and white and kind of pops in the air when you make the bed for the first time.


Did I mention that it was only $19.99?


The scene was set.

The camera was ready.

The duvet cover was crisp and white and perfect…..

….and then I noticed all the wrinkles.

No worries.

I laugh at wrinkles.

All I needed was a spray bottle to spray a little water….then smooth down the cotton….and the amazing post would be off and running.


So I grabbed the spray bottle full of water and lightly misted the duvet cover.

And as the droplets fell one-by-one in slow motion onto the crisp-white-never-before-been-used cotton duvet….

….I screamed.



I think they are still talking about it two counties away.

But I couldn’t help it.

The entire duvet was covered with…..



Five seconds later the twins and my mother burst into the room.

“Are you alright?  Is everything okay?” my mother asked quickly.

I was almost in tears.

I didn’t say anything.

I couldn’t.

I just pointed.

All eyes turned toward the water bottle and the brown spots and I think I heard an audible gulp from the crowd.

“Umm….Mom…..that water bottle….” one of the twins said hesitantly….looking toward her sister for support.

“Umm….you see…..umm….the other day we were playing hotel and we brought our pancakes and syrup upstairs….and kind of accidentally….maybe….might have…..

….dipped the water bottle in maple syrup.”


I see….the whole playing-hotel-dip-the-water-bottle-in-maple-syrup game.

I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it.

I should have spotted it immediately.


Good thing there’s bleach.

Good thing the peanut gallery has moved on to playing store.

Good thing there are so many more posts to come…..and 364 more days…..

….to be amazing. :)

. The Tower

PS   My incredible friend, Chris Skates, just published his second novel…..The Tower.  It’s full of drama (a little romance) and it’s set in the time period right after Noah and his family get off the ark.  If you want to read along with me….you can order it for Kindle… or paperback…

Congratulations to my favorite published author!

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