Railroad Sign

Railroad Sign

In Kentucky going to a yard sale is always hit or miss.

Mostly miss, actually.


When I first moved here, I learned that “GIANT YARD SALE” usually meant a broken down washer and dryer, those glass vases that are left over after a flower arrangement, old Christmas decorations and two Hooters’ t-shirts.


Fine women’s apparel and old appliances.

That’s how yard sales usually roll around here.


Railroad Sign


Thrift stores usually aren’t much better.

But when you have the heart of a thrifter.

When hope springs eternal.

When you have found twenty-dollar trestle tables and 400 mile yard sale shutters and even one-of-a-kind English school chairs.  You know…that you know….that you know that there is a chance, however slight, that one day you will follow those endless yard sale signs for 14 miles or visit your 23rd thrift store and there…..at the end of the rainbow will be a pot of gold.

I followed my rainbow yesterday and found this.



It’s an old railroad sign.

Well…..okay…..part of an old railroad sign.  The part that says “railroad.”  The other part of the x….the part that says “crossing” is missing.  But does it really matter?  It’s chippy and worn and beautiful with all of its original patina.


And in the land of the Hooters’ t-shirts….

…..you take your small victories and run :)

Have a blessed and glorious weekend.  And may all your yard saling journeys be bright.

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