Joyful Bird Tutorial

Joyful Bird Tutorial

Scrap Paper Bird

When you read this blog….do you ever get  frustrated with me?

Just a little?

I think if I read this blog…..I would totally get on my nerves sometimes.


I’m not even kidding.

I mean….I write a post about a spring mantel with painted bead board and multi-colored birds perched on hanging spray-painted turquoise branches that are suspended in mid-air…..

….without a single word of instruction.

Not even one.

What was I thinking?

I was just so excited to talk to you about the day and I got a little sidetracked with the rain and the cold and the dreariness and the slide show and all the joy.

And I forgot to tell you how I hung the branches.

Or what I put behind them.

Or where the birds came from.

Or any piece of remotely useful information or how-to….

……just in case you wanted to create your own joyful mantel.


There isn’t even that much to tell, actually.  I put bead board as a base for the branches and added the word NEST to the side.  I bought the birds on clearance after Christmas at a little boutique store and I couldn’t find them anywhere else.  So I recreated them for you with this tutorial.   To make them, all you need is a dollar store bird, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.


And here’s a tutorial and instructions and helpful information…..and just a little discussion on joy…..all for you. :)


 Joyful Bird Tutorial of 2013


Scrap paper/different patterns and colors

Dollar store bird

Mod Podge


Poster board

Hot glue

Dollar Tree Bird


Step 1:  Find bird to use as base

This is the bird from my Noel mantel.

I bought it at the Dollar Tree.

If you live in western KY you might be out of luck….because I think I bought every one within a 100 mile radius to decorate for Christmas with.

I took the feet out and plucked some of the feathers off to make it easier to apply the Mod Podge.


Mod Podge


Step 2:  Apply scrapbook paper

Cut scrapbook paper into small pieces.

Apply to the bird with Mod Podge and a sponge brush.

Scrap paper bird


I used one pattern (yellow polka dot) for the belly and three (different pink patterns) for the top.

Between the two colors I cut a scalloped edge to separate them out of the pink.

Let dry overnight.

Bird Tailfeather


Step 3:  Make tail feathers

Cut long tail feathers out of poster board.

Cut a front and a back piece out of scrapbook paper to cover poster board.

Mod Podge scrapbook paper onto the poster board.

Cut away any excess.

Bird Front Wings

Step 4:  Make side wings

Repeat step 3 for side wings.

Cut away any excess.


Step 5:  Hot glue tail feathers

Tail feathers


Cut away white tail feathers on bird body, leaving behind base to glue scrapbook feathers to.

One at a time, overlapping each one, hot glue tail feathers onto back of bird.




Step 6:  Hot glue side wings

Hot glue side wings onto body of bird.

Cover the edge where they attach to the bird with scalloped trim.

Glue ribbon or feather trim to cover where the tail feathers were glued onto the back.

Clip on

Step 7:  Glue clip to back of bird

Glue a standard office clip to back.


Scrap Paper Bird


I know this is silly….but that bird makes me smile.

It’s so happy and joyful and pink.

And just a tiny glimpse of spring.


It poured again today with dark dreary skies and a high of 34 degrees.

But inside….the house smelled like pomander…..the fire was roaring…..little pieces of pink scrapbook paper covered the floor…..

…….and my heart was smiling. :)


Nest Mantel


PS  I hung the branches from clear fishing line.  We tacked thumb tack to the back of the bead board…..then wrapped fishing line around the branches and tied it off on the tacks.  The branches look like they are floating!

PPS  If your day is long and dreary, too….no worries….I have a whole page of projects to keep you busy. :)


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