I’m Sure This Vintage Table Came Over on the Mayflower

I’m Sure This Vintage Table Came Over on the Mayflower


A long time ago in a big city far, far away…..this table was the talk of the town.

It came from a yard sale.

It was painted blue and then it was painted black and then it was painted red and then I refinished the top and painted it white and distressed it.

And then time and all the little people of the house helped with the beautifully aged patina by giving it a good kick now and throwing the occasional dump truck into it.

All of this painting and dump truck throwing and kicking….created a one-of-a-kind finish.

A wonderful finish.

The kind of finish looks like the table might have come over on the Mayflower with the pilgrims.

Distressed Table


People that lived in the really big city would stop by the house and comment on that Mayflower table:

“That is some table.”

“That’s one mighty fine table.”

“They sure don’t make tables like that anymore.”

Accolades poured in from far and wide.


Vintage Papers


In fact….there was so much liking and commenting and general hull-a-ba-loo about the table…..

….that I got the big head.


I thought that my table and I were all that and a bag of chips.

I thought we were fancy.

Ready for our own reality show about tables and the people who love them.


Vintage Alphabet


Eventually we left that city and moved to the country….my table and I.

And you know the rest of the story.

About our jump.

And the farmhouse.

And the twinkling stars in the night sky.

But the story of the table doesn’t end there.


Distressed Table Leg


You see….we bought a business when we jumped.

And on the day of the grand opening of our new venture…..I decided to bring my table.

I was going to be meeting new people and making new friends and I wanted to have my table along for moral support.

And I dreamed

I dreamed about the splash my big city table and I were going to make in the country.


On the day of the grand opening my husband carried it down in the truck and then into the business.

And I set it up with cakes and punch and cookies and milk glass and silver.

And there it sat.

The main attraction.

Ready to meet its public.


Vintage Letters and Table


And just as the doors were about to open.

As I stood there with my red lipstick and my earrings and my table….

….one of our employees approached me with a concerned look on her face.

“Ummmm….I was thinking,” she paused and glanced nervously at me.

“Yes?” I said questioningly.

She glanced around a couple more times and continued.

 “I was thinking….well…you see…..I was thinking.  I mean….you have a really nice table there and all….but since you really need to paint it…..

…..do you want me to get you a tablecloth?” 


A tablecloth.


A tablecloth for the star of the table reality television show?



I need to invite someone to the country for dinner who appreciates a really good table…..

….I wonder if the pilgrims are available for Thanksgiving :)


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