My New York Times Bestseller

My New York Times Bestseller


Does anyone know the pillow limit for a couch?

How many is too many?

If you went to pillow decorating school or have your PhD in pillow placement….this is your time to shine.


I mean….don’t you think one pillow looks kind of lonely and two look like they might need another and three….well….maybe three….is just a party just waiting to happen.


I really think I’m over the limit….and about a pillow away from the population of a small island in the south Pacific.




The other day I walked into my pillow-filled living room and there were little people everywhere.

Little people eating Cheetos and drinking lemonade and playing Bananagrams and watching an intense docudrama where mermaids who live in Australia were trying to decide if they could walk on land and run for student council president at the high school.

There were little people on the couch and on the table and on the chairs.

Little people who had moved all the pillows…

….to the floor. 

I stood there quietly for a moment….just staring and wondering why the pillows always ended up on the floor and trying to figure out why mermaids were even running for student council.


Compass Pillow


And as I stared…..

A hush slowly came over the room….well….except for the mermaids and their voting populace.


“Are you okay, Mom?” one of my sons asked in a whisper.




I said nothing.

I simply looked at the pillows and then I glanced pointedly back at him.

“Did you know that pillows on the ground are one of my pet peeves,” I said.

No one said a word.

They looked at the ceiling.

They looked at the floor.

They looked here there and everywhere….except at the floor….and all those pillows.


Compass Pillow


Then I heard a tiny voice from the peanut gallery, ” I think Moms have a lot of pet peeves.”


We do,” I said loudly.  “I think I’m going to write a book all about pillows and why people should not eat Cheetos on khaki covered couches without napkins…..and all my pet peeves.”

“And….” I continued….”it just might be a New York Times best seller.”


With that brilliant proclamation on pet peeves and pillows I smiled confidently and turned to leave.

And as I walked out the door…..I overheard a whispered aside from one peanut gallery member to another….

….”That is going to be one really big book.”


I’m taking my pillows and moving to Australia and maybe…..

….I can get the newly elected mermaid to put in a good word for me :)  


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She is amazing.

And wonderful.

And I’m sure her pillows are much better behaved than mine :)

PPS Please note:  This post was sponsored by Stacie Ann but all opinions on pillows and mermaids and Cheetos were completely and utterly my own.  For more information see my disclosure policy.


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